L.A. Times Daily - Aug 31 2022

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Clues Answers
"Helping You Ditch Wedding Stress" podcast/blog BRIDECHILLA
"Let's have another" ONEMORE
"Or so" ISH
"Pose" wardrobe item WIG
"Sound of Silver" band __ Soundsystem LCD
"Star Wars" ruling body JEDICOUNCIL
"Told you!" SEE
All over again ANEW
Arcade plumber MARIO
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Bird on some Australian coins EMU
Broadcast hour AIRTIME
Cancel NIX
Cargo unit TON
Catan resource ORE
Celebrity revered by some in the queer community BIICON
Classic Chevy that shares its name with an antelope IMPALA
Color similar to greige ECRU
Criticize harshly SCATHE
Dish served sizzling FAJITAS
Feel sore ACHE
Fiddled around (with) TOYED
Fly-fishing gear WADERS
Food Network host Garten INA
Food truck fare TACOS
Foot part INCH
Game with a spinoff called Dos UNO
Get around ELUDE
Hivemind communication? BEEDANCE
Jewish rite BRIS
Kraut-topped sausage WURST
Like animals native to India or China ASIATIC
Like chunky milk GONEBAD
Many a modern suburb PLANNEDCITY
Matt Groening series set in the 31st century FUTURAMA
Mint brand discontinued in 2018 CERTS
Mislead LIETO
Clues Answers
Money exec CFO
Moral support? ETHIC
Neutral shade TAN
Noah's Ark site ARARAT
Not a one NIL
NYC airport code LGA
Obey at obedience school, say SIT
Out with one's sweetie ONADATE
Parabola portion ARC
Part of cellular plans DATA
Pop singer Rexha BEBE
Prepare to draw a raffle ticket, say REACHIN
Prophetic signs OMENS
Public perception IMAGE
QR kin UPC
Refuse TRASH
Rivendell resident ELF
Round Table title SIR
Salat leaders IMAMS
Savage of "MythBusters" ADAM
Scottish swimming hole LOCH
Shellfish dish often prepared with coconut milk CURRIEDCRAB
Sitcom set in a H.S. science class APBIO
Smooth transition SEGUE
Softball question LOB
Speak ill of MALIGN
Superabundance EXCESS
Sworn enemy FOE
Take a chance, and how to form the sequence in each set of circled letters ROLLTHEDICE
Text status SENT
Triple Crown stat RBI
Vinegary sauce ADOBO
Zoom delay LAG
__ : raisins :: log : celery ANTS
__ condition MINT
__ machine FOG
__ school MED