New York Times - Aug 20 2022

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Clues Answers
'Faster!' MOVE
'I Am ___,' best-selling autobiography of 2013 MALALA
'It seems to me ...' IPRESUME
'No need to elaborate' IUNDERSTAND
'Oh, hallelujah!' GODYES
'Why haven't you ...?' retort IDID
Add to the kitty TOSSIN
Alternative to a finger poke PSST
Azalée ou chrysanthème FLEUR
Barcelona or Belfast, to Boston SISTERCITY
Brought on board HIRED
Browns, in a way SAUTES
Buddy MAC
Bug-eyed toon with a big red tongue ODIE
Church inits LDS
Comic strip cry ACK
Default avatar on Twitter, once EGG
Demand for honesty DONTLIETOME
Disinclined AVERSE
Drink that can be spiced ... or spiked NOG
Embroil MIRE
Enemy organization in Marvel Comics HYDRA
Expression in an uncomfortable situation FORCEDSMILE
Foods that can help boost testosterone levels FIGS
Garden activity TEA
German pronoun SIE
Help for a case LEAD
Hold in contempt SCORN
Holy trinity? THEMAGI
It has a significant part in the Bible REDSEA
It's not what it looks like FOOLSGOLD
It's raised by the best BAR
King Arthur's slayer MORDRED
Leave gracefully BOWOUT
Clues Answers
Literary character who 'alone in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil' MRHYDE
Locale for a pin MAT
M.L.B. star Juan SOTO
Military leader of old SHOGUN
Moving film? SHRINKWRAP
Not-very-satisfying explanation ISAIDSO
Noted virtual community SIMS
On a hard disk, say SAVED
One who's always thinking ahead? FUTURIST
Part of an oil well, maybe CAP
Pauses in discussion UMS
People born on the 4th of July, e.g CANCERS
Places for cabins SHIPS
Plight of the 1%? LOWBATTERY
Prefix with -cratic MONO
Pro pitcher ADREP
Provided with funds DONATEDTO
Reserve group, in brief? OPEC
Sanskrit honorific SRI
Shakespeare's 'pretty worm of Nilus' ASP
Sign outside a hospital room, maybe NOVISITORS
Some discount offerings PROMOCODES
Something you hope to find while rock climbing FOOTING
Straight up GENUINE
Sunk one's teeth into? SAWED
Truck part BED
Ultimate result UPSHOT
What '#' means in chess notation MATE
What Kleenexes are created for ONETIMEUSE
Words before and after 'deal' ORNO
___ Foundation (nonprofit with a history going back to 1984) TED
___ Van Duyn, 1990s U.S. poet laureate MONA
___-eyed (naïvely idealistic) STARRY