The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28361

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Clues Answers
Alien world, as in cosmic phenomenon solar wind
Avian interest HOBBY
Bird, edible native of China KIWI
Bit of fish I dropped over FINISHED
Brief novel penned by fifth columnist SKIMPY
Broad-minded cardinal, say? CATHOLIC
Climber I swear needs it when slipping WISTERIA
Cold about right? HEARTLESS
Commie thus ahead of those marked for surveillance in America? SOCIALIST
Cream in milk mopped up by sponge top drawer
Female crushed by a cross bear AFFORD
Fly: artifice required to squash one PILOT
Free current still emptying into device DISLODGE
Genius, blessed person accommodated by German couple? EINSTEIN
Giant timber cross etched with name of king, half erased REDWOOD
Clues Answers
Girl heading off African people in ring ANNULUS
Great place mind, it's broken BRITAIN
Guardian fights to have European expelled ARGUS
Infrequent choice RARE
Leader quitting cooler band RIDGE
Original, stylish hustler card sharp
Other half grieve for Land of the Free MISSUS
Play with little porker, whimsically? HAMLET
Produce buckle YIELD
Remain significant, as might relegated student of the past? go down in history
Requirement after flat tummy somewhat expanded spare tyre
Revolutionary given guidance provided by popular unbeliever INFIDEL
Sign of emotion predator faked TEARDROP
Some failure, so likely to get turned over? LOSER
Without word of hesitation, a camera internally manoeuvred in passage alimentary canal