New York Times - Nov 1 2010

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Clues Answers
'... ___ he drove out of sight' ERE
'Long ___ and far away ...' AGO
'That's ___!' ('Not true!') ALIE
1941 Orson Welles classic CITIZENKANE
Actress Winona RYDER
Aid for a person with a limp WALKINGCANE
Arabian V.I.P.'s SHEIKS
Architect I. M. ___ PEI
Author Fleming or McEwan IAN
Blue Ribbon beer brewer PABST
Blunder ERR
Brussels ___ SPROUTS
Col. Sanders's restaurant KFC
Common shape for a dog biscuit BONE
Connections for car wheels AXLES
Copier input: Abbr. ORIG
Cosmetician Adrien ARPEL
Creating a ruckus RAISINGCAIN
Disheveled RAGTAG
Drug from Colombia COCAINE
Early Peruvian INCA
Egg carton count DOZEN
Fairy tale monsters OGRES
Fargo's home: Abbr. NDAK
Fat as ___ APIG
First game of the season OPENER
French word before cuisine or couture HAUTE
Go round and round SWIRL
Harvests REAPS
Hotel room door feature PEEPHOLE
ID on an I.R.S. form SSN
In a quick and lively manner BRISKLY
In-group CLIQUE
Irritating IRKSOME
Island where many a 40-Across lives BORNEO
Items in a Planters can NUTS
Jacqueline Kennedy ___ Bouvier NEE
Judge in the O. J. Simpson trial ITO
Clues Answers
Keats's 'Ode on a Grecian ___' URN
Late West Virginia senator Robert BYRD
Latin jazz great Puente TITO
Long-armed ape, for short ORANG
Machine tooth COG
Mick Jagger and bandmates, informally STONES
Most boneheaded DOPIEST
Nervous as ___ ACAT
Nixon's Florida home KEYBISCAYNE
Not reacting to pain, say STOIC
Number after a decimal in a price CENTS
Old 'Up, up and away' carrier TWA
One out of prison EXCON
Opposite NNE SSW
Party handouts FAVORS
Pat down, as for weapons FRISK
Play for time STALL
Playboy centerfold, e.g. PINUP
Poker variety STUD
Put two and two together ADD
Respected tribe member ELDER
River past Westminster Palace THAMES
Senate gofers PAGES
Showy flowers PHLOX
Sound from a mouse SQUEAK
Stereotypical Swedish man's name SVEN
Tennis champ Agassi ANDRE
Texaco's business OIL
Virgil's 61 LXI
W.W. II admiral Chester NIMITZ
War chief Black Horse's tribe COMANCHE
Whom Vladimir and Estragon were waiting for, in a Beckett play GODOT
Writer Kafka FRANZ
Yang's counterpart YIN
___ a positive note ENDON
___ Alamos, N.M. LOS
___ carte ALA
___ Lingus AER