- May 29 2022

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Clues Answers
#1 in major league wins CYYOUNG
$5 bills, informally ABES
''Fried Green Tomatoes . . .'' author FLAGG
''How are you?'' reply IMOK
''Indeed'' ITISSO
''Peter Pan'' predator CROC
''South Park'' boy KYLE
''Stand and Deliver'' star OLMOS
''__ kidding!'' YOURE
3-D scan MRI
73 Across, e.g EQUINE
Adult beverages BOOZE
Airline with an Oslo hub SAS
Be decisive ACT
Bear in the sky URSA
Big name in infomercial history RONCO
Brown who wrote ''The Da Vinci Code'' DAN
Brownies member GIRL
Cake decorator ICER
Canopy for rabbi-conducted weddings HUPPAH
Cheer cry GOTEAM
Chef's protector MITT
Chestnut coating BURS
Cleans up, in a newsroom EDITS
Clip-__ (some sunglasses) ONS
Company founded by a Shakespeare fan AVON
Consecutively INAROW
Consult in criminality ABET
Cool once, and now again RETRO
Cowpoke's steed HOSS
Demolitionist's buy TNT
Destroys slowly ERODES
Don't annoy LETLIE
Doozie LULU
Early American megamerchant ASTOR
Eminent cellist YOYOMA
Entices LURES
Erstwhile venerable theater chain LOEWS
Ex-UN member USSR
Fall short FAIL
Fast Australian runners EMUS
Faux __ (minor mistake) PAS
Fiesta shouts OLES
Fine sweater fabric ANGORA
First claim, informally DIBS
Gadot who portrays Wonder Woman GAL
Gas bill measure THERM
Global: Abbr INTL
Gobbles down EATS
Having no misconceptions WITHONESEYESWIDEOPEN
Hebrew month ELUL
Historic happenings FIRSTS
House for hives APIARY
How many prefer their fried chicken CRISPY
In no mood for joking TESTY
Informal eatery CAFE
Inky smear BLOT
Invitation indication RSVP
Islamic law SHARIA
It's south of Fort Worth WACO
Lake near Niagara Falls ERIE
Lingering mark SCAR
Little chirper WREN
Liverpudlian, for one BRIT
Long-eared farm animal ASS
Lugosi of horror films BELA
Lunar new year TET
Mail out SEND
Make public AIR
Clues Answers
Man in Eden ADAM
Mao colleague CHOU
Martial arts actor Steven SEAGAL
Mary, Joseph and Jesus nazarenes
Member of the Corps MARINE
Mideast money DINAR
Minuscule amount IOTA
Minuscule amount ATOM
Model train name LIONEL
Monarch who was 54 Down's stepfather HEROD
Mozart's British contemporary ARNE
Needing toweling WET
New Testament dancer SALOME
Nickname like Liz BETH
Normandy port CAEN
Not as often LESS
Novelist Auel JEAN
Novelist Jong ERICA
Obtains without trying FALLSINTO
Occult doctrine CABALA
Official USPS abbreviation AVE
One's majority ADULTHOOD
Orlando-area attraction EPCOT
Painter Magritte RENE
Part of modern-day Turkey IONIA
Part of numerous English pen names GAOL
Parts of chains: Abbr MTS
Pasta, in brand names RONI
Please, in Parma PREGO
Poets at a reading RECITERS
Prefix meaning ''alien'' XENO
Present prefix OMNI
Proper decorum PSANDQS
Rameses in ''The Ten Commandments'' YUL
Rear part of a musket BREECH
Recoiled (from) SHIED
Regional dialect PATOIS
Rock group ORES
Serenaded SANGTO
Share one's views OPINE
Small circle of friends CLIQUE
Smartly dressed NATTY
Something you shouldn't spill SECRET
Start enthusiastically JUMPINTOWITHBOTHFEET
Sticky strip TAPE
Strong adhesive EPOXY
Summer place for kids CAMP
Super Bowl MVPs, often QBS
Sushi tuna AHI
Tax form RETURN
Team as old as the Mets ASTROS
The ''a'' in a.m ANTE
Tide descriptor NEAP
TiVo ancestor VCR
To this day YET
Trace of color TINGE
Trademark in home selling REALTOR
Trattoria seafood CALAMARI
Two-finger sign VEE
Type of S&L loan MTGE
Web page input form TEXTBOX
What ''sequoias'' has a full set of VOWELS
What cheese often melts around MAC
Wild brawl MELEE
Wine bottle word SEC
Word before horse or hero WAR
World of Web businesses ECOMMERCE
__ facto IPSO
__-Caps (cinema snack with sprinkles) SNO