- May 25 2022

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Clues Answers
''Don't delete'' notation STET
''Golden'' song OLDIE
''Money __ everything'' ISNT
''Slippery'' fish EEL
''Star Wars'' princess LEIA
''We should do that'' LETS
''__ there, done that'' BEEN
1 Across target HOOP
3, on a sundial III
Antagonize RILE
Any stage-set accessory PROP
Arctic ice mass BERG
Aromatic furniture wood CEDAR
At any time EVER
Author Wiesel ELIE
Bawled out SCOLDED
Be a cast member of ACTIN
Bits in an apple core SEEDS
Buy dinner for TREAT
Character in animation TOON
Circus safety gear NETS
Concern for self EGO
Conducted by talking ORAL
Crawl like a tot CREEP
Crunchy lunch, for short BLT
Cupid alias EROS
Declare to be untrue DENY
Electric carmaker TESLA
Excessively TOO
Film critic, frequently RATER
Four-baggers in baseball: Abbr HRS
Gowns of India SARIS
Handicrafts website ETSY
Hang __ (keep) ONTO
Have empathy CARE
Have existence ARE
Healthful resorts SPAS
Hole-punching tool AWL
Clues Answers
Insurance reimbursement option REPLACEMENTCOST
It's west of Montana IDAHO
Italian city, to natives NAPOLI
Leaf colour in autumn OCHRE
Least bit WHIT
Less desirable WORSE
Mail-routing abbr ATTN
Make an assertion CLAIM
Make an untrue assertion LIE
Male deer STAG
Needing clearing, as a drain CLOGGED
Olympic sword EPEE
On-camera crew CAST
One submitting a tax return FILER
Part of, as a scheme INON
Permanent pals, 4 short BFFS
Rainfall measure INCH
Realize SEE
Resembling King Kong APELIKE
Seat-belt usage demonstrator FLIGHTATTENDANT
Second to __ (the best) NONE
Sect of Islam SHIA
Skill at being sneaky STEALTH
Sky light STAR
Sort, as a report's pages COLLATE
Sports org. for tall females WNBA
Square-mile fraction ACRE
Squirrel's hangout TREE
Standing tall ERECT
Supervisor BOSS
Take a bold risk DARE
Tax agcy IRS
TDs or 64 Down STAT
Texas border city ELPASO
Volcanic flow LAVA
Windshield coloring TINT
Winnie-__-Pooh THE
Wyatt of westerns EARP