USA Today - May 25 2022

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Clues Answers
'Angry Johnny' singer POE
'Didn't mean to do that!' OOPS
'Don't Walk' symbol HAND
'Good ___ you!' FOR
'Gotta run!' SEEYA
'Help!' SOS
'History repeats ___' ITSELF
'I Can See Your Voice' host Jeong KEN
'I ___ blame you' DONT
'It was a team ___' EFFORT
'Set the ___, 3000 degrees . . .' SCENE
'The Mothers' author Bennett BRIT
B-school applicant's exam GMAT
Bangka Lungshan Temple city TAIPEI
Big pieces of concrete SLABS
Birthday number AGE
Blueprint detail, for short SPEC
Candy wafer brand NECCO
Cloister resident NUN
Cubes in doenjang-jjigae TOFU
Cure-all PANACEA
Day of the week for voting (Abbr.) TUE
Difficult journey TREK
Drug that causes trips LSD
Dudes GUYS
Exhausting way of life RATRACE
Fabric for some drawstring bags MESH
Fantasy movie FX CGI
Fastens with string TIES
First Japanese luxury car brand ACURA
Go from on-ramp to highway MERGE
Good friend PAL
Good, in Chinese HAO
Initial advantages TOEHOLDS
It's hush-hush in theory, but not in practice OPENSECRET
Key for exiting full-screen mode ESC
Kinako ingredient SOY
Lambeau Field has 81,441 of them SEATS
Clues Answers
Liability's opposite ASSET
Like a yellow papaya RIPE
Like all leap years EVEN
Longest Vietnamese holiday TET
Mango or papaya TROPICALFRUIT
Math class, for short CALC
Metal deposits ORES
More pressing DIRER
Most up-to-date NEWEST
Not bogus LEGIT
Org. with auditors IRS
Part of a motorcycle helmet VISOR
Prolonged outburst TIRADE
Puts a tight lid on SEALS
Puts on the market SELLS
Reagan ___, Jana Schmieding's character on 'Rutherford Falls' WELLS
Recipe that requires relatively little cleanup ONEPOTMEAL
Regional distinctiveness LOCALFLAVOR
Regular exercise helps maintain it PHYSICALFITNESS
Reside DWELL
Reverberate ECHO
Rink jump AXEL
Rub the wrong way RILE
Second attempt REDO
Shabbat bread CHALLAH
Some car damage DENTS
Spanish for 'gold' ORO
Speak reverently of EXALT
Still need to pay back OWE
Stirs in ADDS
Swimming workout units LAPS
Team outfits, for short UNIS
The scoop INFO
University URL ending EDU
Votes into office ELECTS
Young lady GAL
___ Newtons FIG
___ on the side of caution ERR
___ Scotia NOVA