L.A. Times Daily - May 23 2022

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Clues Answers
"Ask me if I __!" CARE
"Becoming" memoirist Michelle OBAMA
"Black Panther" villain Killmonger ERIK
"Duly noted" GOTIT
"Everything Everywhere All at Once" star Michelle YEOH
"Go team!" RAH
"Succession" actor Brian COX
"Which of the two will it be?" AORB
"Wicked Game" singer Chris ISAAK
Actor Cage, casually NIC
Admonition to an Egyptian boy king? TUTTUTTUT
Alternative to Alpine, in skiing NORDIC
Amnesiac's query WHOAMI
Aspire laptop maker ACER
Bar bill TAB
Big celebration BASH
Brand-new sibling, perhaps BABYBROTHER
Britcom with Eddie and Patsy, for short ABFAB
Card sets sold in New Age shops TAROTDECKS
Cause to chuckle AMUSE
Chatter away GAB
Class with easels ART
Comparison shopper's data PRICES
Conical shelter TEEPEE
Current options ACDC
Didn't waste USED
Dinner with donors GALA
Doc's org AMA
Ending for "Black," "Mixed," and "Grown," in sitcom names ISH
Enjoyed, as a lollipop LICKED
Euro fractions CENTS
Expose to danger RISK
Far from posh SEEDY
Floor-washing tool MOP
Formally transfer CEDE
Get the poker pot going ANTE
Gibbs of "The Jeffersons" MARLA
Green Jedi with his own grammar YODA
Clues Answers
Hair removal substance HOTWAX
Helps out illegally ABETS
Hit the horn HONK
Hush-hush org NSA
Inquires ASKS
Is able to do high kicks in a chorus line? CANCANCAN
Leave speechless STUN
Like energy bars, in adspeak POWERPACKED
Like low-shine lipstick MATTE
Make mittens, say KNIT
Mardi Gras wear MASK
Mass communication? GOSPEL
Mechanical arithmetic aids ABACI
Minnesota representative Ilhan OMAR
Not pro ANTI
Olfactory assault STENCH
On the house FREE
Palo __, California ALTO
Parts of mandolins NECKS
Pinochle-like card game SKAT
Plumbing issues LEAKS
Pothole filler made from fish-and-chips sauce? TARTARTAR
Prayer ending AMEN
Reversals UTURNS
Say farewell to a Dickens character? PIPPIPPIP
Secret agent SPY
Secret language CODE
Shepherd's tool ROD
Single-serve coffee pod KCUP
Thus far YET
Truth or __ DARE
TV spot seller ADREP
Uno, dos, __ TRES
Vehicle that's built after it's bought KITCAR
Was sure about KNEW
WNW's opposite ESE
Woeful word ALAS
Words of denial NOTI