USA Today - Jun 26 2022

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Clues Answers
'All That ___ Carried' (Tiya Miles book) SHE
'Anybody home?' HELLO
'Baseball Tonight' channel ESPN
'Batman: The ___ Crusader' CAPED
'Do you understand?' AREWECLEAR
'Figure it out yourself!' DOTHEMATH
'Get lost!' SCAT
'Hit the gas!' STEPONIT
'It's ___-win situation' ANO
'Machete' actress Jessica ALBA
'That is . . .' TOWIT
500 sheets of paper REAM
Arboretum plant TREE
Arm Day unit REP
Beats ___ minute PER
Chairperson, e.g COMMITTEEMEMBER
Chess pieces MEN
Chrome or copper, e.g METAL
Community health worker, e.g STATEEMPLOYEE
Completely fills SATES
Crunchy yogurt topper hempseed
Detest HATE
Dhofar native OMANI
Elevator passage SHAFT
Farm structure BARN
Fawn's mom DOE
Free from peril SAFE
Fruit consumed for Iftar DATE
Furniture store with a 'fixed path' layout IKEA
Get 100% on ACE
Give a darn CARE
Gospel artist Campbell ERICA
Great Highland bagpiper, often SCOT
Great Lake with the shortest retention time ERIE
Historian Palmer ADA
Illusion-based painting style OPART
Indicator at the start of a golf hole TEEMARKER
Insect seen in the word 'Antarctica' but not on the continent of Antarctica ANT
Like a used sugar packet TORN
Clues Answers
Like clothes in the dryer CLEAN
Major Arcana deck TAROT
Make less difficult EASE
Milk quantity (Abbr.) GAL
Most Amy Berg films, for short DOCS
Neighbor of Wyo IDA
No-Shave November growths BEARDS
Notable period ERA
Nutrient in liver IRON
Office note MEMO
On cloud nine HAPPY
Otherwise ELSE
Part of a Quran chapter VERSE
Participate in a tournament COMPETE
Passover ritual SEDER
Place to get matzo ball soup DELI
Play the lead role STAR
Prefix for 'final' or 'pro' SEMI
Publisher of the video game Yakuza SEGA
Quick means of gathering data SPOTTEST
Quick scissor cuts SNIPS
Request earnestly PLEAD
Revises for print EDITS
Salary bump RAISE
Salt, in Spanish SAL
Singer Tori AMOS
Sister brand of Chips Ahoy! OREO
Societal standard NORM
Speck in a lake ISLE
Tex-Mex menu section TACOS
The 'D' in DJ DISC
Top of a mushroom CAP
Vicinity AREA
Weakest chess piece PAWN
Went by plane FLEW
Yiddish cry of dismay OYVEY
___ Dew MTN
___ mater ALMA
___-serve car wash SELF