Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 21 2022

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Clues Answers
"Fresh Air" airer NPR
"Help!" MAYDAY
And others (Lat.) ETAL
Archipelago unit (Abbr.) ISL
Avocado dip, for short GUAC
Baking appliances MIXERS
Barbie's guy KEN
Body pics TATS
Brit's pound QUID
Capital of Italia ROMA
Celestial bear URSA
Chances, for short OPS
Charged bits IONS
Classic Clint Eastwood role DIRTYHARRY
Col. Sanders' chain KFC
Complete win CLEANSWEEP
Director Kazan ELIA
Elk's horn ANTLER
Enters, as data KEYSIN
Farm pen STY
Fashion magazine ELLE
Fed. agents GMEN
Fresh ANEW
German article DAS
Here (Fr.) ICI
Historic periods ERAS
Internet address URL
Jason's ship ARGO
Jewels GEMS
Clues Answers
Last (Abbr.) ULT
Literary collection ANA
London district SOHO
Long time EON
Longings YENS
Misfortunes ILLS
Morning droplets DEWS
Movie theater CINEMA
Music's Yoko ONO
October stone OPAL
Planet with rings SATURN
Ram's mate EWE
Rhine feeder AARE
Rowboat needs OARS
Service period STINT
Singer Ritter TEX
Six-sided state UTAH
Some inside info HOTTIP
Somewhat (Suff.) ISH
Spanish houses CASAS
Stallion's mate MARE
Streams FLOWS
Tease KID
Thither YON
Wander ROVE
Winnebago owner, briefly RVER
Winter coats PARKAS
Witticism QUIP
Yale grad ELI
— alai JAI
— Beach, California PISMO
— butter SHEA