New York Times - Sep 19 2021

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Clues Answers
"2 Broke Girls" co-star Behrs BETH
"Checkmate" YOULOSE
"Indeed" ITISSO
"It's my hunch ..." ISUSPECT
"Most miserable hour that ___ time saw": Lady Capulet EER
"Potatoes done perfect" sloganeer OREIDA
"Rude Boy" singer, to fans RIRI
"There was no choice" IHADTO
"Wrong!" NOTSO
"___ Way" (Kitty Kelley biography of Sinatra) HIS
"___: Vegas" (TV reboot of 2021) CSI
2018 crime biopic GOTTI
Actor who delivered the line "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" SWAYZE
Agitate ROIL
Become ticked off GETSORE
Biblical father of Eliphaz ESAU
Big name in microwaves AMANA
Big news to share in the biz world? IPO
Body shop fig EST
Bounce off the wall ECHO
Buddy of Buddy, maybe FIDO
Bushy-tailed rodents DORMICE
Calendar column: Abbr MON
Candy bar with an exclamation point in its name OHHENRY
Caterpillar competitor DEERE
Certain curtain SCRIM
Church part APSE
Clicking sounds? AHAS
CNN political correspondent Bash DANA
Common viper ADDER
Commuting arrangement CARPOOL
Company acquired by Allstate in 2011 ESURANCE
Defamed, in a way LIBELED
Dish at a traditional Bedouin wedding CAMEL
Dish whose yellow color comes from saffron PAELLA
Divisions of bushels PECKS
Early R&B group for Missy Elliott SISTA
Express line count ITEMS
Felt on the head? STETSON
Figure on Italy's 2,000-lira note before euros were introduced MARCONI
Fossil suffix ITE
Frenzied states PANICS
Frequent C.D.C. collaborator FDA
Go from here to there ... like *that* TELEPORT
Guacamole ingredient ONION
High-ranking figures, collectively BRASS
Hungarian herding breed PULI
Incendiary explosive FIREBOMB
Inept dancers at Oktoberfest? POLKAIDIOTS
Journals of a certain stunt performer? DOUBLEDIARIES
Letter two after tau PHI
Letter two before tau RHO
Liberal arts sch. major ENG
Like some cross-Caribbean flights? PANAMAHAITI
Like the Mideast exclave of Madha OMANI
Like the Rock vis-à-vis any of the Stones BEEFIER
Literally, "works" OPERA
Long rides? LIMOS
Longtime first name in TV talk REGIS
Mag space seller ADREP
Major exporter of nutmeg GRENADA
Massachusetts' College of Our Lady of the ___ ELMS
Means of learning about Chiang Kai-shek? BOOKSONTAIPEI
Mentor of 50 Cent EMINEM
Clues Answers
Meticulous magical beings? THOROUGHFAIRIES
Musk of SpaceX ELON
New look provider ... or a homophonic hint to this puzzle's theme FRESHPAIROFEYES
Nickname for someone whose full name is a calendar month GUS
Obie-winning playwright Will ENO
On the ___ (no longer friendly) OUTS
Opponent FOE
Org. that bestows the Community Assist Award NBA
Overseas speed meas KPH
Owing SHY
Part of 79-Down: Abbr ASSN
Passing through D.C.? AYES
Pea jacket material WOOL
People can't lie under it TRUTHSERUM
Person with star power? RATER
Pieces of work TASKS
Pithy saying EPIGRAM
Poorly lit DARKISH
Possible reason for refusing to wear a tank top? SHOULDERHAIRINESS
Postseason tournament pick WILDCARD
Put up ERECT
Quark's place ATOM
Ready PREP
Reason to see an ophthalmologist STYE
Relative of cerulean AZURE
Rentals that might come with dolly carts UHAULS
Revolted UPROSE
Scale for some judges ONETOTEN
Screams RIOTS
Series of steps PROCESS
Seward Peninsula city NOME
Shape of a canine ID tag, often BONE
Shape of a doughnut TORUS
Sharpen HONE
Small doodles, perhaps LAPDOGS
Small hill KNOLL
Smurf with a white beard PAPA
Soccer superstar nicknamed "La Pulga" ("The Flea") MESSI
Some post-pollution efforts CLEANUPS
Stockpiles AMASSES
Straight sides of sectors RADII
Taken down and put up elsewhere REHUNG
The land down under HADES
The National Zoo's Xiao Qi Ji, e.g PANDA
There are three of them in a Morse "O" DAHS
Thomas Jefferson or John Tyler, by birth ARIES
Three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver in the New York Jets Ring of Honor ALTOON
To love, in Italian AMARE
Tools used by horologists LOUPES
Traditional rivals of the N.C.A.A.'s 'Hoos TERPS
Treat for Mr. Owl TOOTSIEPOP
Triangular piece in a party bowlful DORITO
Unpartitioned apartment LOFT
USD : dollar :: MXN : ___ PESO
Used a prayer rug, say KNELT
Valedictorian's pride, in brief GPA
Verve ELAN
Water (down) HOSE
What might whet an appetite AROMA
Wielder of the hammer Mjölnir THOR
Word with power or brakes AIR
Worries about something SWEATSIT
___ admin SYS
___ E (skin care brand) DERMA
___ pants HAREM
___ Reader (quarterly magazine) UTNE