Universal - Jan 14 2022

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Clues Answers
"... except that wasn't the case" BUTNO
"<<" letters on a remote REW
"Crossword," e.g., grammatically NOUN
"Hey," in Chile OYE
"Speak up already!" SAYIT
"Until everyone comes home" org USO
"___ alive!" (horror movie cry) ITS
*"That's scary!" GEEK
*Brevity is the soul of ___ WAIT
*Caddie's pegs (Hint: Each starred clue's answer ignores its square in 14-, 22-, 34- or 43-Across.) TEEMS
*Cinco - tres IDOS
*Course of action PLANE
*Instagram post, briefly EPIC
*Inward-curving CONCLAVE
*Null's partner AVOID
*Reedy areas FERNS
*Runs on TV LAIRS
*Superlative suffix REST
*___ Antonio SPAN
1914-18 conflict: Abbr WWI
A party to INON
Actor Patel DEV
Actress Olivia MUNN
Bids the most WINS
Board game? DARTS
Bygone bird DODO
Certain Tripadvisor listing INN
Compliment PRAISE
Desk's portable substitute LAPBOARD
Ear: Prefix OTO
Expecting a baby PREGNANT
Extraordinary charged particle? (... ignores squares 1-3 ...) LEGIONOFMERIT
Fire up Microsoft's search engine? (... ignores squares 6-8 ...) LOADBEARING
Four Seasons amenity SPA
Clues Answers
French for "mine" AMOI
Gym surface MAT
Head for the hills FLEE
Idle periods LULLS
Intend MEAN
Intent AIM
Is jealous of ENVIES
Las Vegas' ___ Grand MGM
Longest human bone FEMUR
Neighbor of Indiana OHIO
Not much, as of hand sanitizer ADAB
One created Lake Mead DAM
One sketching part of a bird? (Hint: This clue's answer ignores squares 2-4. Enter a body part in those squares to create valid, unclued Across and Down answers.) WARMINGDRAWER
Pampers products DIAPERS
Perseverance rover's org NASA
Prepare, as a bath DRAW
Press (down) TAMP
Prominent Toucan Sam feature BEAK
Raise objections DEMUR
Refuse to grant DENY
Relieve EASE
Scorpion's substance VENOM
Scottish city on the Clyde GLASGOW
Studious and introverted, say NERDY
Submerged sandbank SHOAL
T-shirt style VNECK
Takes in a good book READS
The "So What" singer went fast? (... ignores squares 6-8 ...) PINKSLIPPED
Throbbing headache MIGRAINE
Tiny tot WEEONE
Tips off ALERTS
Turn left, as a screw LOOSEN
Warts and all ASIS
Wildcat spotted in South America OCELOT
Youngest-ever U.S. congresswoman AOC