Wall Street Journal - Dec 22 2021 - Extra Fees

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Clues Answers
“Grazie” response PREGO
“Ready when you are!” IMSET
“Redemption” writer URIS
“That pleases me greatly!” SOGLAD
“What a shame!” TOOBAD
“Which came first?” choice EGG
1986 Turner autobiography ITINA
Abbr. replacing some names ETAL
Accomplished everything DIDITALL
Advice from a bear SELL
Alarmed exclamation OHNO
Almond or pecan TREE
Alternative to mousse GEL
Assume by force USURP
Be certain of KNOW
Big initials in fashion YSL
Bowler, in slang KEGLER
Break off, as ties SEVER
Champion of a cause CRUSADER
Clinton’s attorney general RENO
Clydesdale sound CLOP
Compatriot, informally PAISANO
Deficiency LACK
Disembodied listener ALEXA
Dreaming, maybe INBED
Environmental prefix ECO
Extra fee from a Honda importer? CIVICDUTY
Extra fee from an Oregon city? EUGENELEVY
Extra fees from a politician’s manager? HANDLINGCHARGES
Extra fees from the birthing center? LABORCOSTS
Extra fees from the chiropractor’s office? BACKTAXES
Ferrara farewell CIAO
Fish often cooked tataki-style AHI
For free, in a way ASAGIFT
Get very hot ROAST
Groundbreaking invention HOE
Groundbreaking invention PLOW
Clues Answers
Home to 1.4 billion INDIA
Home to 4.7 billion ASIA
Host who got a lot of questions TREBEK
It gets played ROLE
Joust implement LANCE
Kimono clincher OBI
Like many campfire stories SCARY
Like most ethnic jokes NOTPC
Madison Ave. pro ADREP
Mathematician’s x and y AXES
Mexican bread PESOS
One might be worth a few bucks BRONC
Org. for narcs DEA
Pocket protector? OLINE
Psychoanalysis subject EGO
Pub missile DART
Rental choice SEDAN
Requiring a lot of attention NEEDY
Revealing word VOILA
San Francisco’s ___ Tower COIT
Secret rendezvous TRYST
Send packing CAN
Seuss character who decries the “smogulous smoke” LORAX
Some revolvers DOORS
Sound muffled by an elbow, perhaps ACHOO
Spa sighs AHS
Squeezing snakes BOAS
Stop END
Strands in a lab DNA
Team with a horseshoe logo COLTS
Tennis champ Naomi OSAKA
Tuition reducer AID
United hub OHARE
Winning service ACE
Wonder Woman portrayer Gadot GAL