Universal - Dec 21 2021

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Clues Answers
"30" singer ADELE
"Hmm ... I guess" WELLOK
"Home on the Range" animal ANTELOPE
"Parting is ___ sweet sorrow" (Juliet) SUCH
"Throne" TOILET
"___ story short ..." LONG
'50s sitcom icon with two Hollywood stars LUCILLEBALL
Actor Robbins TIM
Agree out of court SETTLE
Alternative to a foil or saber EPEE
Attains GETS
Baby bird in an aerie EAGLET
Bit of advice TIP
Campus recruitment grp ROTC
Canine protector? ENAMEL
Caps Lock neighbor TAB
Cellphone plan component DATA
Cheerios grain OAT
Christ the Redeemer's Brazilian city, familiarly RIO
Civil wrong TORT
Come back from behind RALLY
Defeat in wrestling PIN
Delicate deception WHITELIE
Dessert made by changing 8-Down's vowel TART
Deteriorate GOTOPOT
End up in a cast? ACT
Expensive wraps STOLES
Expressive music genre EMO
Farther than BEYOND
Fish commonly served a la Meuniere DOVERSOLE
Follow behind TRAIL
Game called "noughts and crosses" in Britain TICTACTOE
Gender-neutral possessive THEIR
Glorify LAUD
Hard jerk TUG
Helps badly? ABETS
Humphrey of "The Big Sleep" BOGART
Inactive IDLE
Incredulous expression ITCANTBE
Clues Answers
Leave speechless AWE
Light-colored wood ASH
Little terror IMP
Loosen, in tailoring LETOUT
Missouri structure that is 630 feet tall GATEWAYARCH
Mysterious marking RUNE
OB-GYNs, e.g MDS
One may be potty-trained TOT
Oslo's country: Abbr NOR
Past partners EXES
Paycheck deduction TAX
Pencil part that may be chewed ERASER
Penguins' and Sharks' org NHL
Pitfalls DANGERS
Prez on Mount Rushmore ABE
Put up with BEAR
Queens team THEMETS
React under pressure, or a hint to the ends of 17-, 30-, 47- and 65-Across THINKONONESFEET
Reason for wheezing, perhaps ASTHMA
Rock band or sleep stage REM
Roughly ORSO
San Antonio tourist destination ALAMO
Say "Ple-e-ease," say BEG
Shout "Taxi!" HAILACAB
Small complaint NIT
Some essays or assays TESTS
Spare bed, perhaps COT
Square dance partner GAL
Sticky situation SCRAPE
Tired traveler's respite INN
Tobiko, for example ROE
Tolkien tree creature ENT
Too-good-to-be-true offer SCAM
Trees lining the National Mall ELMS
Tuition, for one FEE
UPS vehicle VAN
Vacant EMPTY
Waze calculation, briefly ETA
___ eye to eye SEE