The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,754 - Nov 24 2021

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Clues Answers
Artist; popular and with taste -- Mackintosh, for example RAINWEAR
Bale occasionally taking top off muscular stomach -- causing storm BLIZZARD
Bandage the man on strike SWATHE
Bespoke Django clue about Cantona's focus when missing header for Leeds United CONJUGATED
Cast a milkman and ex-actor! EXCLAMATIONMARK
Competitive karaoke on vacation with nurse KEEN
Content to claim a car on insurance -- this is extravagant MACARONI
Discovered Ypres Command is secure in advance PREORDER
Enter uninvited because of genuine diamonds inside INTRUDE
In retrospect, Ernie's pal, Eric is somewhat degenerate RELAPSE
Kind about drunken aunt at first NATURE
Maybe Yoko takes a paper -- oddly without obligation to buy ONAPPRO
Number a chapter at the start, building story ACCOUNT
Clues Answers
Pillars of some American communities lose badly after politician supports form of gambling? TOTEMPOLES
Son taken in by detailed scam on board ship -- alternatively, one might put the squeeze on you? BOACONSTRICTOR
Spirited eccentric bites first FEISTY
Spring rainfall's covering sportsperson SHOWJUMPER
Strangles Morse, ultimately one of five English detectives with self-control EQUINEDISTEMPER
Study in guesthouse, say, to make a living BREADANDBUTTER
The Office of the President of the United States of America has nothing against Alabama? OVAL
They run round rooms ignoring what occurs before M put Bond girls at risk somehow SKIRTINGBOARDS
They use baseball bats regularly in set way: Ron Kray angrily smashed knees NEWYORKYANKEES
Told 'intrudes into' means 'spoils' PRIZEMONEY
Too American, having all systems go at last ALSO
Trade knight for rook in plot that's set up for provocation REDRAG
When Flymo's final component is absent, squash up grass, perhaps DRUG