Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 24 2021

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Clues Answers
All the voices together tainted leaving United Nations UNISON
and 14 across: Toughs it out at the end of 15 across by taking direction from most of them from Rush WEATHERS
Birch or ash tree removed from weather ship WHIP
Could be Oxford or Cambridge for writer? Correct! BLUEPENCIL
Cover old ground around those looking after safety for that woman REHASH
Delivered by a man of letters to those in 14 down similarly POST
Dessert with essence of honey SWEETHEART
Employs high-flyers to communicate the news to 1 down and 2 down PIGEONPOST
Get the picture locally of one of those who might have left The Branch TWIG
Give some financial assistance to detective with arthritis DIGOUT
Half the trout's with duck in local batter - say, is that served in salad? BEETROOT
Hurry up and put your foot down STEPONIT
It's not necessary to prepare the pizza dough - overheard from Takeaway NEEDLESS
Maintain park for one of those on bench PRESERVE
Clues Answers
Make plain in touring Venice EVINCE
Opine appallingly about Government in The Messenger PIGEON
Raised some cheetahs accompanying the bucks in America CASH
Rally those on the periphery around Texas Hold 'Em MEET
Resent leaving general store in large numbers GALORE
See 9 across THESTORM
Small bird on church? Darn! STITCH
Square pot isn't finished on time - the messenger is responsible for it TWEET
State of tuba from Baton Rouge OREGON
Takes a lot of interest in small, old city acknowledging the debt in America USURIOUS
Took a course in English reviewing study around Winning Streak ENROLLED
Well, it's not sick? UNDERTHEWEATHER
What you might use putting a hem on a pair for jeans for 24 down to go with 21 down WHIPSTITCH
Worried losing rod by the barrier on the stream WEIR