Universal - Oct 17 2021

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Clues Answers
"Fifty Shades of ___" GREY
"Frozen" snowman OLAF
"Nightmare Alley" genre NOIR
"The Voice" coach Grande, informally ARI
*"Frasier" or "Fuller House" SPINOFF
*Farm laborer FIELDHAND
*Filmmaker's organization tool STORYBOARD
*When a trial occurs COURTDATE
Agitate ROIL
Art ___ (Chrysler Building's style) DECO
Buenos ___ AIRES
Capital of Latvia RIGA
Central Plains native OTOE
Chewy breakfast choices BARS
Continent with many steppes ASIA
Cowardly Lion portrayer Bert LAHR
Distinct times ERAS
Divers may hold them KNEES
Dr. Fauci's org CDC
Drinks noisily SLURPS
English school since 1440 ETON
Fictional French elephant BABAR
Fooled DUPED
For all to see OPENLY
Frat party attire TOGA
Gem with bands AGATE
Grave, as circumstances DIRE
Hawkins for whom a dance was named SADIE
Homemade floor covering RAGRUG
Info-gathering mission RECON
Invited ASKED
It often clears up with age ACNE
Lady of Spain SENORA
Lid attachment? LASH
Like a doubleheader ... or each starred clue's answer, based on what can precede both its parts? BACKTOBACK
Like a loud boom SONIC
Like butter, at times DRAWN
Mystical radiance AURA
NFL game highlights TDS
Clues Answers
Nickname that omits "dore" THEO
Nike rival REEBOK
Not in its original form REDONE
Notably altruistic ape BONOBO
Over again ANEW
Peanut butter cup surname REESE
Possessed HAD
Possessed OWNED
Pot ingredient? CLAY
Put the kibosh on END
Ready for pouring ONTAP
Record book? LOG
Red Delicious parts that aren't delicious CORES
Religious offenses SINS
Restaurant review app YELP
Road turn BEND
Rock that's often cut in half GEODE
Roundup rope LASSO
Rush job acronym ASAP
Seabees' optimistic motto CANDO
Secluded valleys GLENS
Shakes skillfully? ELUDES
Short, even hairdo BOB
Sound of contempt SNORT
Speak grandly ORATE
Squeezes dry WRINGS
Stolen stuff LOOT
They clap and cheer FANS
Tightest pals, briefly BFFS
Transmit SEND
Uninteresting BLAH
Unleash FREE
Whole lot TON
Whoop YELL
X Games jump OLLIE
Zillions ALOT
___-Ball (arcade game) SKEE