Wall Street Journal - Oct 16 2021 - Read My Lips!

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Clues Answers
“Adorns” on Halloween TPS
“Dude!” BRO
“I’ll be!” GEE
“Live for the moment” brand POLAROID
“These sheets are freezing!” BRR
“Twelfth Night” duke who develops feelings for his page ORSINO
A wk. has 168 HRS
A.D. part ANNO
All counterpart NONE
Annual Big Apple fashion event THEMETGALA
Aquarium swimmers GUPPIES
Attorney/pundit Katyal NEAL
Avoid SHUN
Avoids a crash, perhaps VEERSAWAY
Baltimore-to-Annapolis dir SSE
Become a candidate RUN
Bernadette or Jeanne: Abbr STE
Betray pain WINCE
Bid strategically on eBay SNIPED
Bitter brew ALE
Bossy’s mouthful CUD
Brady blunder: Abbr INT
Brings together UNITES
Budget rival ALAMO
Campaigns have lots of it HYPE
Capricious creatures ELVES
Carnaby Street setting SOHO
Carrier based at Mehrabad International IRANAIR
Character whose incorporeal grin prompted the quote in the shaded spaces (reading upper and then lower arcs, left to right) CHESHIRECAT
Checked out EYED
Chewy noodle UDON
Coachella Valley refuges OASES
Computer once shaped like a gumdrop IMAC
Corvine call CAW
Court affirmation IDO
Cry from Homer DOH
Custody battle participants EXES
Dallas cager MAV
Descartes’s conclusion IAM
DNA may prove it PARENTAGE
Down SAD
Drapery fabrics DAMASKS
Drapery needs RODS
Drill part BIT
Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas CASS
Exploit USE
Extortionist’s technique PRESSURE
Feels fluish, maybe AILS
Fencing blades EPEES
Fill in for ACTAS
First sound from elephants? SHORTE
Flight LAM
Forgers’ places SMITHIES
Framer’s supply MATTES
Frat house crash sites SOFAS
Genre with introspective lyrics EMO
Govt. building manager GSA
Grammy winner LaBelle PATTI
Gray ones may be debated AREAS
Hay handful WISP
Hoarders’ houses, e.g MESSES
Honorary deg. awarded by Harvard to Angela Merkel in 2019 LLD
Honorific of India SRI
Icicle’s place EAVE
In days past AGO
Islamic chief EMIR
It might be witching HOUR
It’s often sesame-crusted AHI
Clues Answers
Janis with the 1967 song “Society’s Child” IAN
Kiddo TOT
Kinda ISH
King of Maine, e.g.: Abbr SEN
Landlocked African nation UGANDA
Large digits TOES
Letter before omega PSI
Letter four before 82-Across TAU
Letter twelve before 45-Down ETA
Light scatterers? ROACHES
Like a so-so movie MEH
Like the drone of cicadas SHRILL
Logical operators ORS
Magic words, or an apt phrase describing 32-Across NOWYOUSEEITNOWYOUDONT
Make a muumuu, say SEW
Maya who’s inspired by the architecture of nature LIN
Misremembers, maybe ERRS
More, in Madrid MAS
Noted Celtic singer ENYA
Oscar-nominated 2019 Scorsese film, with “The” IRISHMAN
Pack leaders ALPHAS
Paris Match article UNE
Parliament title LORD
Pen pals? INMATES
Pierre’s love in “War and Peace” NATASHA
Podcast annoyances ADS
Post office machine MAILSORTER
Post-blizzard transport, perhaps SKIS
Practice represented by an inverted pentagram SATANISM
Prefix with tourism ECO
Prez’s underling VEEP
Priestly Dumas character ARAMIS
Prompter’s task CUING
Protein acid AMINO
Protruding belly PAUNCH
Rankle VEX
Really hot SEXY
Records clerk’s retrieval CASEFILE
Reduce to a paste MASH
Reel people? ANGLERS
Sanctum modifier INNER
Scam online PHISH
Scrubbed NOGO
Second-largest U.S. rideshare company LYFT
Showing a suit, maybe FACEUP
Slithery swimmer EEL
So far YET
Solemn ceremonies RITES
Speak with hands SIGN
Strongly emphasize a point RAMITHOME
Sweatshirt style HOODIE
Tarragona title SENOR
Tennis call LET
Texas flag symbol STAR
The Horned Frogs’ sch TCU
The Sun, the Sky and 10 others WNBA
Their glory days are long past HASBEENS
Ticket surcharge FEE
Tiger’s props TEES
Try to swat HITAT
Unenthused “okay” IGUESS
Vehicle that might be rocket-powered STUNTCAR
Viewing oneself from above, say, or a hint to what the shaded spaces represent OUTOFBODYEXPERIENCE
Water brand from Canada NAYA
What a kitten may lick TUNACAN
What crosswords should be FUN
Wild animal tranquilizer DARTGUN
Wine bottle number YEAR
Word after dash or nanny CAM
Wrong answer to a sentry FOE