The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,576 - Oct 14 2021

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Clues Answers
Bloody fantastic job (without catch)! How did you get it? OLDBOYNETWORK
Catch journalist drinking rum? On the contrary HADDOCK
Cave-dweller looked suspiciously at drunk TROLLEYED
Cold drink, one originally left behind LASSI
Creature camouflaged in ball turned over, not dead ECHIDNA
Cross mouth of Tay to get to Dundee? TANGELO
Cull in the 18th century perhaps a big step forward HALFTHEBATTLE
Disappoint old and new sports­men at the centre — sorry! LETDOWN
Distressing condition initially explored by northern writer IBSEN
Doctor paused taking temp­erature for latest news UPDATES
Dry day — ready with the liquid DEHYDRATE
EastEnders tough guy is upset — that's plain TUNDRA
Employer's cat second to be taken USER
Fan opinion — sell-out sounds annoying NOISEPOLLUTION
Clues Answers
Fellow coming out in spots, beginning to suspect rash RECKLESS
Forced flier to land finally — previously arrested DRAGOONED
Going around in the nip, openly intimate OPINE
Live next to a field AREA
Overcrowded relationships lasting? Er ... unlikely TRIANGLES
Round trip extremely boring in the event SHOTPUT
Set way of raising money? TELETHON
Shock permeates island — without cuts taxes shoot up SKYROCKET
Shots from above hit destroyer's bow — lost about six, not nine SLAMDUNKS
Sit around drinking sensible healthy drinks TISANES
Sport I abandoned that is extremely rough RUDEST
Stars from old film genre turned up ORION
Talks quietly to dogs slipping lead POWWOWS
Watch blonde running past it (kept changing her mind) BLEWHOTANDCOLD