The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,789 - Sep 24 2021

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Clues Answers
All pearl clusters aligned PARALLEL
Appearing now and then in role before interval PARTTIME
Chatters restlessly, seeing some Turners? RATCHETS
Conviction however is followed by time THOUGHT
Dancing won lady's surrender LAYDOWN
Doctor is required in absence of water DROUGHT
Electrical item used in garret pad Amazon sent round ADAPTER
Explicit gesture about French from part of magazine? GRAPHICDESIGN
For instance, going round Germany Yankee becomes tense EDGY
Freezing oldie runs about, getting caught in two places ICECOLD
How some spell broomstick? WITCHCRAFT
Midweek, briefly takes the plunge WEDS
Nation's ideal Kentucky whiskey, possibly containing Ecstasy AMERICANDREAM
Oddly glum -- so shy, dumpy plain Jane should do this? GUSSYUP
Clues Answers
Poles briefly following trendy locals? INNS
Principal record husband set in motorists' club ALPHA
Ready for a rendezvous with it UPTODATE
Reportedly genuine item that circulated in Paris FRANC
Retreat from sierra getting web coverage NEST
Season and turn over food SPRINGROLL
Spaced out, also very arrogant HIGHANDMIGHTY
Start early -- bound to go before hunt, e.g., set out JUMPTHEGUN
They show places salt-filled sea is rising ATLASES
Unenthusiastically using a fraction of 15, apparently HALFHEARTEDLY
Wally has choice split hairs NITPICK
Watch, maybe offering bottle TICKER
What I make from the Telegraph! PAPERMONEY
What's still carried by nomadic alpacas from the East? PLACID