Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 25 2021

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Clues Answers
''A lonely impulse of ...'' (Yeats) DELIGHT
''He who has ... to hear, let him hear'' (Bible) EARS
''I see ... of green / Red roses too'' (What a Wonderful World) TREES
Actually, in fact REALLY
Affix, fasten to ATTACH
Artist's studio ATELIER
Bag for money PURSE
Belonging to them THEIRS
Brightly-coloured tropical bird PARROT
Christian penitential period LENT
Deface, harm DAMAGE
Electrical device with pins PLUG
In this place HERE
Irritates, vexes ANNOYS
Maintains firmly INSISTS
Mardi Gras, for example CARNIVAL
Not used to good advantage WASTED
Participant in a game PLAYER
Clues Answers
Planned, meant to INTENDED
Request the presence of INVITE
Rule, control GOVERN
Set of instruction for preparing a dish RECIPE
Soothing or medicinal preparations OINTMENTS
Sternly, gravely SEVERELY
Sticks marked off in units RULERS
Successfully completed a degree course GRADUATED
Systematic plan of action SCHEME
The Aloha State HAWAII
The shifting ... of time SANDS
Three-sided figures TRIANGLES
Transporting, toting CARRYING
Two's company, .....'. a crowd (5'1) THREES
Urban areas TOWNS
Verse of a poem STANZA
Very small version of an object MINIATURE
When one celestial body obscures another ECLIPSE