Universal - Sep 19 2021

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Clues Answers
"I double ___ you!" DARE
4-Down layer on a farm HEN
A top seed often gets one BYE
Adolescent TEEN
Air freshener target ODOR
Astrological border CUSP
Atmosphere protector OZONE
Attack involving encirclement SIEGE
Audit a class, e.g ATTEND
Bedbugs and others PESTS
Certainly not mean NICE
Concerned with ethics MORAL
Continuously aggravate EATAT
Credits in a bibliography CITES
Dieter's device SCALE
Exciting romantic outing HOTDATE
FanStory.com competition (... first 3 letters + the last 2) WRITINGCONTEST
Finish END
Flower necklaces LEIS
Furious IRATE
Golfer's peg TEE
His first home was Eden ADAM
Injury from a bee STING
Instant Pot's emission STEAM
It falls in flakes SNOW
It's easy to find in a haystack STRAW
Item in an atlas MAP
Kitty contribution ANTE
Last words said while unwed IDO
Leases RENTS
Like old bread STALE
Linger (In this clue's answer, note the first 3 letters + the last 1) HANGAROUND
Loafer or Mary Jane SHOE
Main arteries AORTAS
NBC morning show TODAY
Nevada gambling hub RENO
Note at the office MEMO
Of the same sort AKIN
Clues Answers
One may be closed during business hours DEAL
Operation Acoustic Kitty org CIA
Other than that ELSE
Pains' partner ACHES
Parcel (out) METE
Part of IOU OWE
Person who follows the money? (... first 3 letters + the last 3) FINANCEMANAGER
Pod "occupant" PEA
Polo shirt company IZOD
Positive poem ODE
Possess OWN
Precise EXACT
Prefix for "connected" INTER
Remove, as from an Instagram post UNTAG
Saint by the Pearly Gates PETER
Sales pitch SPIEL
Schusses, say SKIS
See 3-Down EGG
Sent to a telephone number FAXED
Share a marquee COSTAR
Small songbird WREN
Soon, in verse ANON
Split to unite? ELOPE
Start of a fairy tale ONCE
Swiftness HASTE
Texter's guffaw LOL
The talk of the ___ TOWN
They're on tap at a pub ALES
Unflappable STOIC
Vulnerably positioned ... or like the words that bookend 17-, 22- and 43-Across, in two ways? OUTONALIMB
Waterproof coat? SEALANT
Web address URL
What can follow "Dan" or "San" MARINO
Whirl SPIN
Without delay, to a doctor STAT
Wood used for bats ASH
Word after "full" or "halfway" HOUSE
Zellweger of "Chicago" RENEE
___ immunity HERD