USA Today - Oct 5 2021

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Clues Answers
'I've reached my ___!' LIMIT
'Le Mali,' for Mali ANTHEM
'No, thanks' NAH
'Oh ___' ('That's not good!') DEAR
'That wasn't a joke!' IMEANTIT
100% ALL
A horseshoe crab has 10 EYES
A lightbulb might signify one IDEA
Alternative to 'lol' HAHA
And so on (Abbr.) ETC
Arrived CAME
Channel that airs 'Charmed' reruns TNT
Charged particle ION
Cheap energy source COAL
Choral range ALTO
Cluttered situation MESS
Cold beverage also known as cha yen THAIICEDTEA
Debate side CON
Dedicated poems ODES
Doing nothing IDLE
Earn fair and square MERIT
Emoji sent in response to a hot outfit pic FIRE
Engineer who invented tactile paving SEIICHIMIYAKE
Exams for some HS juniors SATS
Fantasy role-playing game, for short DND
Farther past BEYOND
Formally alter AMEND
Frilly LACY
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Got in line for takeoff TAXIED
Grasp HOLD
Had a home-cooked meal, say ATEIN
Home to the world's tallest building ASIA
Hoppy beer IPA
It turns litmus 66-Across ACID
Leave on ___ (ignore texts from) READ
Lentil dish DAL
Clues Answers
Less difficult EASIER
Like type 4 curls COILED
Loaned out LENT
Make a colorful shirt TIEDYE
Makes reparations ATONES
Name hidden in 'cranium' ANI
Ocean's ebb and flow TIDE
Often-lost Tupperware piece LID
Otherwise ELSE
Outback bird EMU
Perfect execution score, in gymnastics TEN
Perform in a movie ACT
Person parking cars VALET
Pig's home STY
Re-record in another language DUB
Receptacle BIN
Room accessed with pull-down stairs, maybe ATTIC
Rosters, e.g LISTS
School-related ACADEMIC
Score 100% on ACE
Sea ___ roe (uni) URCHIN
Set of things to be assembled KIT
Shade TINT
Sheep's noise BAA
Some co-parents DADS
This crossword has one THEME
Trade show EXPO
Traditional color of a wedding sari RED
Train for boxing SPAR
Typed a phone number DIALED
Untruths LIES
Upper-right keyboard key DEL
Wedding answer IDO
What 'woof' might translate to in response to 'Who's a good boy?' IAM
Without hills FLAT
Word after 'baking' or 'club' SODA
x, y and z on a graph, perhaps AXES
___ and outs INS
___ by (barely make it) SCRAPE