Wall Street Journal - Aug 28 2021 - Two-Dimensional

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Clues Answers
“Drawing Hands” artist ESCHER
“Inherit the Wind” focus TRIAL
“Told ya!” IKNEWIT
“Tropic Thunder” setting, familiarly NAM
Agreeable reply YES
Asgardian hero THOR
Astros, on scoreboards HOU
Back of the book SPINE
Bandmate of Keith, Charlie and Ronnie MICK
Bar room? COURT
Bases of some vaccines RNAS
Beehive State native UTE
Belmont bet EXACTA
Blood lines AORTAS
Blunder ERR
Boomer of the NFL ESIASON
Call maker, once DIALER
Capital on the Willamette River SALEM
Catcher Berg who served as a spy during WWII MOE
Charged bit ION
Church assembly SYNOD
Closed in on NEARED
Compassionate KIND
Coop group BROOD
Course for a container ship SEALANE
Cunning GUILE
Current unit AMPERE
Currier’s partner IVES
DEA actions RAIDS
Deck with Death TAROT
Digger’s tool SPADE
Divination manual whose name translates as “book of changes” ICHING
Drum set part HIHAT
English folk song “The Girl ___ Behind” ILEFT
Entered WENTIN
ER lines IVS
Fence made of pointed sticks PALING
First name in TV talk REGIS
Gangster’s gal MOLL
Geena’s “Thelma & Louise” co-star SUSAN
Green sauce PESTO
Half of quatorze SEPT
Harbor, say HIDE
Heavy wood EBONY
Imitating APING
In other words, in another language IDEST
Informational file README
Inventor Otis ELISHA
It precedes peace sometimes INNER
It’s cooked up in labs METH
It’s got you covered SKIN
Jazz combo member SAX
Justice Dept. bureau ATF
Kagan in robes ELENA
La Scala star DIVA
Like a bourgeois blond? FAIRANDSQUARE
Like a dieting simpleton? THICKANDTHIN
Like a game show’s lightning round? HARDANDFAST
Like Hercules on a bender? HIGHANDMIGHTY
Like mountain goats? WILDANDWOOLLY
Like some toddlers at nap time? THREEANDOUT
Like straightforward advice from a friend? FREEANDCLEAR
Modern-day “carpe diem” YOLO
Mother of Zeus RHEA
Mountain dog breed BERNESE
Negotiating goal TREATY
Nonstick cookware brand TFAL
Clues Answers
Not so bright PALER
Org. featured in “WarGames” NORAD
Oscar winner Marlee MATLIN
Outdoor gear chain REI
Outfit GETUP
Pacific flatfish SANDDAB
Pal of Han LANDO
Part of TGIF ITS
Passed effortlessly SAILEDBY
Percy Jackson, for one DEMIGOD
Period of great change NEWERA
Perseverance org NASA
Photographer Goldin NAN
Picked from a lineup IDED
Pitcher Giolito LUCAS
Puts the kibosh on ENDS
Raven’s roost LIMB
Realtor’s prep for a showing STAGING
Reggae kin SKA
Removes, as a floorboard PRIESUP
Response: Abbr ANS
Restrict TIEDOWN
Rubbish DRECK
Saint Bernard, e.g MONK
School assignment LESSON
Scottish denials NAES
Sells for BRINGS
Serengeti herd GNUS
Simon and Diamond NEILS
Skillful grace FINESSE
Slightly ATAD
Some are vital ORGANS
Some spuds IDAHOS
Speakers’ platforms ROSTRA
Sport with clay targets SKEET
Store sign SALE
Stories YARNS
Stuffing ingredient SAGE
Summer hrs DST
Talks to, remotely SKYPES
Tango requirement TWO
Tell tales NARRATE
Their days are numbered CPAS
They may be cracked CODES
Throw in ADD
Time to beware IDES
Tooth substance DENTIN
Toward sunset WEST
Track circuit LAP
Travel kit accessory ADAPTOR
Traveler GOER
Type of economics or dolls VOODOO
Uber alternative LYFT
Unlearned, perhaps INNATE
Unseen danger GASLEAK
Vinyl collectible ALBUM
Was in the red OWED
Wellington natives KIWIS
Wireless technology preceding 5G LTE
Writer Dahl ROALD
Yellowfin tuna AHI
___ au vin COQ
___ Lingus AER
___ pro nobis ORA
___-Meal (hot wheat cereal) MALTO