- Aug 27 2021

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Clues Answers
''Eins'' more than ''Sieben'' ACHT
''Good old'' place USOFA
''Stifle yourself!'' ZIPIT
''You win!'' UNCLE
A Northwest Territories official language CREE
Acoustic accessory AMP
Airborne enigma UFO
Airedale's ancient ancestor WOLF
Attack electrically TASE
Basic math SUMS
Be right for SUIT
C neighbor DFLAT
Cassini of fashion OLEG
Certain CD or sedan DEMO
Cohesive group UNIT
Come up again REOCCUR
Conspiracy CABAL
Cracker topper EDAM
Dammed spot LAKE
Daycare break NAPTIME
Deer stalker PUMA
Diamond ploy STEAL
Eat, with ''down'' CHOW
Electrical unit named for an English physicist FARAD
Floppy topper TAM
For whom the bell tolls THEE
Freight car passenger HOBO
Gloomy DOUR
Good to go AOK
Haul off TOWAWAY
Hoedown participant GAL
Ibsen Museum city OSLO
Isn't serious KIDS
Jam flavour for Brits SLOE
Keep from viewing BEFOG
Labor saver TOOL
Like Edison's recordings LOFI
Clues Answers
Longtime Reagan aide MEESE
Make welcome SEEIN
NFL great Tarkenton FRAN
Nullify UNDO
One wearing a Y ELI
Onetime ''Idol'' judge JLO
Orpheus and Apollo LYRISTS
Outbuilding SHED
Overflow TEEM
Pipsqueak TWERP
Poetic conjunction THO
Poetic muse ERATO
Profusely ALOT
Provoke BAIT
Racer's vehicle LUGE
Ray preceder BLU
Refreshing-sounding rapper ICET
Relied on just oneself SOLOED
Rock opera ''Tommy'' band THEWHO
Rubbish HOKUM
Scotch water LOCH
Seagirt spot ISLE
Serving no purpose IDLE
Slugfest FRAY
Small cardinal TWO
Steve Jobs' first employer ATARI
Super-secure carrier ELAL
Switch designations ACDC
Taverna beverage OUZO
Terry, for example CLOTH
Testing venue LAB
The other side FOE
Traditional snake dancers HOPI
Water barrier DIKE
What the bell tolls PEAL
__ facto IPSO