USA Today - Sep 12 2021

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Clues Answers
'Atypical' actress Okuda AMY
'Don't sweat it' NOBIGGIE
'Everything's fine!' IMOK
'Hear you loud and clear' ISEE
'I'm gonna be honest with you . . .' REALTALK
'No cheating!' PLAYFAIR
'Now I understand!' GOTIT
'Such a pity!' ALAS
Acted like an angry llama SPAT
Agreement ACCORD
Basic particle ATOM
Bitter beer IPA
Blender setting PUREE
Brick it hurts to step on LEGO
Choir members SINGERS
Common choice for a service animal DOG
Cooling devices FANS
Croc's relative GATOR
Direction opposite WSW ENE
Dirt in a planter SOIL
Drool catcher BIB
First Asian American coach in the NBA ERIKSPOELSTRA
Fish that's a homophone for 'love' in Japanese KOI
Floor washer MOP
Flower on Mississippi's state quarter MAGNOLIA
Flower part STEM
Garment with a cup size BRA
Gender ___ EUPHORIA
Have dreams ASPIRE
Indonesian-style top BATIKSHIRT
Iridescent gem OPAL
Japan's national beverage SAKE
Letters on some skin products SPF
Like day-old mantou, probably STALE
Locations SITES
Make angry RILE
Math or English, e.g CLASS
Menacing fairy tale creatures OGRES
Mental health SANITY
Clues Answers
More impertinent SASSIER
Natural sunburn soother ALOEGEL
Navy's football rival ARMY
Noah's ship ARK
Optimally ATBEST
Org. hidden in 'tulip garden' PGA
Org. that awards the Stanley Cup NHL
Palindromic joke GAG
Pet that might clean itself with its leg in the air CAT
Places for steam baths SAUNAS
Pollution control org EPA
Provides a meal to FEEDS
Raya, for Kelly Marie Tran ROLE
Really funny person RIOT
Sacred hymn PSALM
Saved for later STORED
Scolding sound TSK
Seeks damages SUES
Significant time periods ERAS
Six-sided twistable puzzle RUBIKSCUBE
Slender woodwinds OBOES
Soccer stadium cheer OLE
Staple in Polynesian cuisine POI
Takeover COUP
Tavern order ALE
Tennis champion Naomi OSAKA
Tint HUE
Tomato variety ROMA
Tractor-trailers SEMIS
Tribe that makes kachina dolls HOPI
Tube-shaped pasta PENNE
Unquestioned beliefs DOGMA
Unrestricted means of access OPENDOOR
Walk casually AMBLE
What Accutane treats ACNE
Whip up some lo mein, say COOK
___ out (barely manage) EKE
___-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters SHE