USA Today - Sep 6 2021

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Clues Answers
'Hello' in Mandarin NIHAO
'It's totally slipped my mind' IFORGET
'Ted ___' (Apple TV show) LASSO
'Totally understood!' IHEARYA
'Twister: The Game That Ties You Up in ___' KNOTS
'Was it a cat ___?' (palindrome) ISAW
'___ you happy now?' ARE
Acting award OSCAR
Actress Issa RAE
Apparel that's hardly eye-catching DRABCLOTHING
Appetizers STARTERS
Apt rhyme for 'high' SKY
Bawl SOB
Biblical boat NOAHSARK
Birds that can rotate their necks 270 degrees OWLS
Boxer's combo JABCROSS
Capable of being revised EDITABLE
Causes a hulk-out ANGERS
Change VARY
Chesapeake or Biscayne, e.g BAY
Composition of most of Jupiter GAS
Consume EAT
Cookies with a gluten-free variety as of 2021 OREOS
Deserve MERIT
Drew of children's literature NANCY
Fish dish cured in citrus juice CEVICHE
Foal's mother MARE
Fruits spelled out in a Gwen Stefani hit BANANAS
Hands a brewski to BEERS
Hay block BALE
Highway division LANE
Hinged mouth part JAW
Impulse URGE
It's faced when performing salah MECCA
Itty-bitty WEE
Jazz legend James ETTA
Large concert venues ARENAS
Less common RARER
Clues Answers
Like a flight from L.A. to Chicago, e.g DOMESTIC
Magazine release ISSUE
Massachusetts state fish COD
Meshes well GELS
Milk option SOY
Modern opposite of A.D BCE
New title for some brides MRS
Not as small LARGER
Not just some ALL
One of 60 in a min SEC
Org. confiscating a water bottle, maybe TSA
Orlando Magic org NBA
People who feel your feelings EMPATHS
Person in a Twitch chat USER
Person who's on your side ALLY
Play very loudly BLAST
Prepare in a bread maker BAKE
Provide, as wisdom IMPART
Quickly assembled rustic homes PREFABCABINS
Red borscht veggies BEETS
Said suddenly BLURTED
Seafood patty CRABCAKE
Shakespearean king LEAR
Simone Biles' Olympic team USA
Sound from the MGM lion ROAR
Spill the beans BLAB
Steerable electronic toy RCCAR
Sticky situations BINDS
Take on TACKLE
The 'G' of 'TGIF' GOD
Unwell ILL
Vegetarian's request NOMEAT
Void's partner NULL
Word after 'speed' or 'baby' BUMP
Writing assignment ESSAY
___ into (investigate) DELVE
___ off (prevent) STAVE
___ out (saddens) BUMS