Irish Times (Simplex) - Aug 9 2021

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Clues Answers
''I wandered ... as a cloud'' (Wordsworth) LONELY
Adventure, lark ESCAPADE
Anchorage is the capital ALASKA
Animal hunted for food PREY
Common aphid GREENFLY
Comparatively good BETTER
Continue in spite of resistance PERSIST
Decisions of courts on issues of fact or law FINDINGS
Discrimination against older people AGEISM
Enclosed territories ENCLAVES
Fine, soft wool from a goat CASHMERE
Flat and smooth EVEN
Grassy plant of wet areas REED
Height about sea level, of an aircraft perhaps ALTITUDE
Hinder, prevent progress STYMIE
In large part MOSTLY
Clues Answers
Keeping out of sight, perhaps with a sinister motive SKULKING
Least expensive CHEAPEST
Monies risked on gambles STAKES
No pep, Lee, in the strange wife who waited for Odysseus PENELOPE
On account of BECAUSE
Pair of people COUPLE
Person with great sensitivity to beauty AESTHETE
Picture painted on a wall FRESCO
Playful exchange of teasing remarks BANTER
Printed characters TYPE
Putting a question to ASKING
Strange and exciting EXOTIC
They study elements and their compounds CHEMISTS
Wailing spirit who foretells death BANSHEE
Wandering off course STRAYING
Whirling sensation when balance is disturbed VERTIGO