Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Aug 10 2021

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Clues Answers
"Grey's Anatomy" actress Wilson CHANDRA
"In America" writer Susan SONTAG
"Levitating" singer Lipa DUA
"Smallville" girl LANA
50-and-over org AARP
Actress Rae ISSA
Actress Spelling TORI
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Before ERE
Bolivian city SUCRE
Book division CHAPTER
Bracketed word SIC
Building mgr SUPT
Bygone fliers SSTS
Chai, e.g TEA
Chef Bobby FLAY
Chicago paper, briefly TRIB
Cushy SOFT
Debtor's letters IOU
Detail, briefly SPEC
Dry white wine CHABLIS
Employee's greeting HIBOSS
Epoch ERA
ER workers DRS
Eye part CORNEA
Fed. workplace monitor OSHA
Fizzy drinks SODAS
Floral garland LEI
French Mrs MME
Galley supply OARS
Get lippy SASS
Grand THOU
Clues Answers
Greek mountain OSSA
Guitar master Paul LES
Harmonization SYNC
La-la lead-in OOH
Lamb alias ELIA
Logger's power tool CHAINSAW
Milne bruin POOH
Nintendo console WII
Norway's capital OSLO
Painter Marc CHAGALL
Peevish fit SNIT
Pinot — NOIR
Play parts ACTS
Pod dweller PEA
Present-day "carpe diem" YOLO
Prof's degree PHD
Pulls, as a camper TOWS
Rainbow IRIS
Remains STAYS
Service charge FEE
Shirt fabric CHAMBRAY
Sleep phenom REM
Soak (up) SOP
Spy org CIA
Stately tree ELM
Tennis great Evert CHRIS
Train unit CAR
Tranquil CALM
Uganda's cont AFR
Unpaid TV ad PSA
Wee bit TAD
Whiner's lament WHYME
Work with USE