New York Times - Jul 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'Be ___' (motto for Wikipedia contributors) BOLD
'For those who think young' sloganeer, once PEPSI
'Recycle ___' (sign on a bin) ONLY
'That's cool, daddy-o!' IDIGIT
Accept responsibility for OWN
Attempt to block OPPOSE
Babe in the Arctic SEALPUP
Betelgeuse's constellation ORION
Biol. or chem SCI
Boozehounds SOUSES
Buds that are very close BFFS
Cheese in a spanakopita FETA
Chicago exchange, in brief MERC
Come together JELL
Conks BOPS
Cookie that has been deemed kosher since 1997 OREO
Daffy Duck, notably LISPER
Diatribe trigger IRE
Drainage collector SUMP
Dreamboat of a guy ADONIS
Exceedingly EVERSO
False friend in Shakespeare IAGO
Fragrant compound ESTER
Gem that's a woman's name OPAL
Gillette razor handle ATRA
Greeting in Rio OLA
Highly decorated ORNATE
Homer's neighbor on 'The Simpsons' NED
Indian flatbread ROTI
Industry that encourages strikes? OIL
Jetés, e.g LEAPS
Leaning to the right: Abbr ITAL
Letters at a bar IPA
Like an oboe's sound REEDY
Like times that are the most expensive PEAK
Long ride? LIMO
Low-ranking sailor SWABBIE
Make art like 53-/21-Across (as suggested by this puzzle's circled letters?) DRIBBLE
Make wise through experience SEASON
Clues Answers
Male hedgehog BOAR
Melodic passage ARIOSO
Moccasin, e.g SLIPON
Modest reply to a compliment ITRY
Narc's org DEA
Noted colonial pamphleteer PAINE
Official proceedings ACTA
Oklahoma's state tree REDBUD
One leaning to the right TORY
Org. for Lt. Columbo LAPD
Original ___ SIN
Pacific food fish ROCKCOD
Palindromic guy's name OTTO
Pat who wrote 'The Prince of Tides' and 'The Great Santini' CONROY
Porky's significant other PETUNIAPIG
Removal from danger, informally EVAC
Running shoe brand AVIA
Samovar URN
See 53-Across POLLOCK
Señora Perón EVA
Signal that a reply is coming in a messaging app DOTS
Small hard seed PIP
Source of some rings ONION
Sports event in which athletes try to avoid being touched EPEE
Succeed and then some SOAR
Suffered a wipeout ATEIT
Suffix with quartz ITE
Tango flourish DIP
Taunts so as to get a reaction BAITS
Terrific SUPER
Unoccupied FREE
Veterans Day mo NOV
Walled city of Spain AVILA
Weep CRY
What you need some wiggle room to do? DISCO
Where you might find love away from home? TENNISCAMP
With 21-Across, artist known to 39-Across pigments back and forth onto canvases JACKSON
___ station, Central London railway terminal PADDINGTON