The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,733 - Jul 21 2021

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Clues Answers
Bargain: found one in smart sale at the finish NEGOTIATE
Blow, shattering blow, causes depression PUNCHBOWL
Cheeky pet in the arms wriggling? HAMSTER
Cleric astride American nuclear device REACTOR
Crashing into beast like mule? OBSTINATE
Crowd in Georgia presented with Wagnerian cycle? GATHERING
Earn exclamation of disgust GROSS
English head retired in German city ESSEN
Evil creature walkin' painfully without energy HOBGOBLIN
Ex-boozers keeping wine, not started, in vessel AORTA
Feathered layer initially needed with a plant HENNA
Final candidates keel over after strong drink SHORTLIST
Fruit became more fashionable ROSEHIP
Furore attached to explosive prankster's article STINKBOMB
Important match for Lions? BIGGAME
Instrument from India encased in lead SITAR
Clues Answers
Intended poor end to act MEANT
Intolerant person to leave in short while BIGOT
Key locks office CHAIR
Maybe Hamlet's pronounced stoop? DEIGN
Mike's conscious about refined feelings SENTIMENT
Raise tax -- millions lost in fight about that ELEVATE
Raw vice exploding around me? CRIMEWAVE
Run in next race EXTRA
Scientific statement the more complicated THEOREM
Socialist symbol Gerald Ford at the outset smashed REDFLAG
Stop at sea beginning to assist Titanic AVAST
Stop unpleasant characters going topless in gallery TERMINATE
Time after time, an odd display of temper TANTRUM
Tissue transplant is hard work GRAFT
White gypsum and basalt are mixed ALABASTER
Willingly enjoy field sports? LIKEASHOT