USA Today - Aug 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'. . . or so' ISH
'C'est la ___!' VIE
'Go American team!' USAUSA
'Loud ___: Autistic People, Speaking' (2012 book) HANDS
'No ifs, ___ or buts' ANDS
'The Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist' author Barres BEN
'The Lion King' character often considered a gay icon SCAR
'___ be right back' ILL
Activist Mallory MAE
Assia Djebar's country ALGERIA
Atlantic and Pacific, e.g OCEANS
Basic linking verb ARE
Beverages that might be pink LEMONADES
Bird that might talk PARROT
Bleachers STANDS
Broke the news to TOLD
Canoelike boats KAYAKS
Capital of Hawaii HONOLULU
Ceases ENDS
Deal with difficulties COPE
DFW time zone CST
Enemies FOES
Exploit USE
Eye part IRIS
Faced off DUELED
Fitting APT
Fountain drink SODA
H.S. class that covers heredity APBIO
Hallucinogenic drug LSD
High schooler's card STUDENTID
List of topics for a meeting AGENDA
Lure into committing a crime ENTRAP
Moving to the trash folder DELETING
Name hidden in 'assumed name' EDNA
Clues Answers
Named in a directory LISTED
Not current anymore OLD
Opposite of 35-Across AINT
Opposite of closed OPEN
Overly trusting NAIVE
Owns HAS
Partially burn CHAR
Person from Florida's second-largest city MIAMIAN
Pesters NAGS
Question to a stranger acting overly familiar DOIKNOWYOU
Restaurant's evening handout DINNERMENU
Right, on a map EAST
See 34-Across NAME
Set of equipment KIT
Singer Kelly TORI
Something written on an envelope ADDRESS
Source of the quote 'If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor' DESMONDTUTU
Storage box CRATE
Strange ODD
Sugar-loving insect ANT
The Krusty ___ ('SpongeBob SquarePants' restaurant) KRAB
The Lakers play in it NBA
The N in GNC NON
Time in office TERM
Traveled on wheels RODE
Unlit DARK
Window base SILL
With 47-Across, what a mononymous person is known by ONE
Word before 'boom' or 'the Hedgehog' SONIC
Word before 'seeds' or 'Street' SESAME
Wrens' homes NESTS
Zoology, for example (Abbr.) SCI
___ for oneself (gets by without any help) FENDS
___ out (distribute) METE
___-frutti TUTTI