- Jul 18 2021

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Clues Answers
''Grey's Anatomy'' sets ORS
''How amazing!'' IMAGINETHAT
''I thought so!'' OHO
''Jingle Bells'' preposition OER
''Psst!'' follower INHERE
''__ Miz'' LES
Act as a bridge SPAN
Actor Wilson OWEN
Actress Vardalos NIA
Acts like IMITATES
Aleve alternative ANACIN
Allowed aboard LETONTO
Amex alternative DISCOVERCARD
Archipelago, essentially ISLES
Assent of a sort AYE
At no charge FREE
Author Rand AYN
Avidly eager AGOG
Bard's 27 Across THOU
Beast of the Andes LLAMA
Besides that ELSE
Birthday blow-out ritual WISH
Bloke CHAP
Botanical container POD
Bottled (up) PENT
Bugs Bunny adversary FUDD
Bundle of energy DEMON
BVD alternative HANES
Camera part VIEWFINDER
Car door flaw DING
Casserole candidate TUNA
Ceremonial promise VOW
Checked a sum READDED
Christian of fashion DIOR
City near Snowmass ASPEN
Come after ENSUE
Comics prince, for short VAL
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Courtroom fixture WITNESSSTAND
Cuisine with fried rice THAI
Cut crudely HACK
Deadlocked INATIE
Demonstrate to be true PROVE
Dickensian clerk HEEP
Displayed weariness YAWNED
Docket entry CASE
Dried, as barley for whiskey MALTED
Email folder SPAM
Emailed image files PDFS
Ended consonantly RHYMED
Film format DVD
Flutes' neighbors OBOES
Frugal saying starter WASTENOT
Furry red Muppet ELMO
Get in the way of IMPEDE
Half-brother of Aphrodite ARES
Heads up ASCENDS
Health spa amenities GYMS
Help for a sleuth CLUE
Highest level ACME
Homer and Marge, for two TVCOUPLE
Household cement brand DUCO
In tune ONKEY
Intention PLAN
Johnny, in German HANSEL
Journal on YouTube VLOG
Judged to be DEEMED
Kept a lot of HOARDED
Knoxville-based power co TVA
Lacrosse team complement TEN
Lap dog PEKE
Leader of an oversized truck ESCORTVEHICLE
Light bender PRISM
Clues Answers
Light brown TAN
Like a rock STONY
Mail-room supplies LABELS
Major Russian river URAL
Make nefarious plans SCHEME
Matador's cape MULETA
Maximally safe SECUREST
MD winter hours EST
Mean (to) INTEND
Member of ''la familia'' TIA
Mideast airline ELAL
Mideast capital AMMAN
More agile SPRIER
More crafty WILIER
Most people ASIANS
Move very slowly EASE
Muslim leader IMAM
NHL whistler REF
Not outgoing SHY
Obstinate beast ASS
Onward ALONG
Onyx or amethyst GEM
Org. with skilled female drivers LPGA
Paid attention to HEEDED
Panhandle st IDA
Persistent pest NOODGE
Pester playfully TEASE
Pieces' partner BITS
Pitched tents ENCAMPED
Pitchfork part TINE
Pithy saying ADAGE
Point properly ORIENT
Possible result of a conflict DATECHANGE
Prefix for tiller ROTO
Put up ERECT
QVC alternative HSN
Revered expert GURU
Rock concert devices AMPS
Rolls of grass SOD
School for Charles' sons ETON
Seasoned pro ACE
Second-person pronoun YOU
Serve, as a meal DISHUP
Service org. with posts VFW
Shining AGLOW
Show uncertainty SEESAW
Sign before Virgo LEO
Sign of indifference SHRUG
Slow down RETARD
Small salary increase BUMP
Smartphone software APP
Soaked WET
Some noblemen DUKES
Sorority letter ETA
String of wins STREAK
Taverna beverage OUZO
Telltale sign ODOR
Texter's chum BFF
The other ones THOSE
They're starry-eyed, sort of GAZERS
Thing on a list ITEM
Tickle pink ELATE
Uncle Walt's 32 OSCARS
Vice __ (conversely) VERSA
Vocalize INTONE
Volcanic product ASH
Went over again ITERATED
What a suit vest might have WATCHPOCKET
What some tables are for TWO
Where you might do your bidding EBAY
Word in many cartoon titles with 119 Across HARE
__ Alamos, NM LOS