L.A. Times Daily - Jul 15 2021

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Clues Answers
"I __ red door and I want it painted black": Stones SEEA
"If it __ broke ... " AINT
"Peer Gynt Suite" dancer ANITRA
"Right now!" STAT
"The Favourite" actress Stone EMMA
"The Metamorphosis" author KAFKA
2000 presidential runner-up GORE
Above, to a bard OER
Affectionate idiom that originally referred to a pupil APPLEOFMYI
Ancient dialogues subject SOCRATES
Ancient Persian MEDE
Ankle pic TAT
Asian nurse AMAH
Autograph seeker FAN
Automaker Ferrari ENZO
Awesome, in slang LIT
Bag or ball lead-in AIR
Basinger and Cattrall KIMS
Big drink of water GULP
Charlotte NBA team HORNETS
Chinese toy PEKE
Choice PLUM
Chow __ MEIN
Classic film involving a split personality PSYCHO
Committee leader CHAIR
Coolidge's VP DAWES
Couldn't say no HADTO
Cry after un gol OLE
Cry buckets BAWL
Disco hit with arm motions YMCA
Draw __ on: aim at ABEAD
Dunkin' Donuts offering LATTE
Duracell size AAA
Early 11th-century year MII
Farm house COOP
Good-looking EASYONTHEIS
Help to withdraw WEAN
Jennyanydots' creator ELIOT
Landlocked Asian country NEPAL
Clues Answers
Lao-tzu follower TAOIST
Light-headed WOOZY
Like most eggs OVAL
Like some stares ICY
Lil Wayne's "__ Carter III" THA
Making people wait, maybe LATE
Many a gospel song HYMN
Mr. Krabs' nemesis PLANKTON
New parent's purchase PLAYPEN
Payback phrase altered to provide a hint to solving four other puzzle answers ANIFORANEYE
Perch perspective BIRDSIVIEW
Pesky crawler ROACH
Phone button with no letters ONE
Pigmented eye layer UVEA
Prince in a can? ALBERT
Princess from Alderaan LEIA
Put on WEAR
Radiate EMIT
Rainbow mnemonic surname BIV
Run-scoring out SACFLY
Self-named 2000s sitcom set in Texas REBA
Some yellow dogs LABS
Somewhat ATAD
Texter's sign-off TTYL
The "A" in CDA, to an Idahoan ALENE
Towards sunrise EAST
Type of type FONT
U.S. territory until 1896 UTAH
Vegas loser, often SNAKEIS
Verbal quirks, like "y'know" TICS
Very cool rapper? ICET
Wafer brand NILLA
Wind heard in Dion's "Abraham, Martin and John" OBOE
Wolf pack leader ALPHA
Works a wedding CATERS
Worldwide anti-crime group INTERPOL