The Washington Post Sunday - Jul 4 2021

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Clues Answers
'Admission' star Tina FEY
'Everybody knows that!' DUH
'Everything ___ Wants' (Wham! hit) SHE
'Get Low' actress Spacek SISSY
'Hey Arnold!' may be shouted in this playground game TVTAG
'Hopes and Prospects' author Chomsky NOAM
'It didn't happen' ILIED
'No need for us to talk much longer' (Roman numerals) IWONTKEEPYOU
'That's enough!' DROPIT
'The Story of the Weeping Camel' desert GOBI
Abandon, with 'of' DISPOSE
Abolish, as words ERASE
Absolutely perfect places EDENS
Actor Somerhalder IAN
Actress who played Leia (Stephen King novels) CARRIEFISHER
Adored DEAR
Aerosmith classic DREAMON
Allniters' music genre SKA
Alter, as a dress HEM
André of surrealism BRETON
Antagonistic feeling ANIMUS
Artificial body of water, at times LAKE
Attaches, as pages STAPLES
Authentic LEGIT
Bombastic rants TIRADES
Bookie transaction BET
Bring up the ___ REAR
Brings on board LADES
Charles on records RAY
Co-star of Warwick in 'Willow' VAL
Coming, per the schedule DUEIN
Date at a square dance GAL
Day-care attendees TOTS
Does just enough to get by, with 'out' EKES
Dorky sort DWEEB
Dramatically overplay HAMUP
Dystonia symptom SPASM
Eager AVID
Early home of R.E.M. (Olympics host cities) ATHENSGEORGIA
Electrify AWE
Element of a Cyclops costume ONEEYE
Email co AOL
Emoji-based message, perhaps TWEET
Employees' savings options, briefly IRAS
English city on the Aire LEEDS
English photographer who co-founded Rock Against Racism (rainbow colors) REDSAUNDERS
Enjoy a snowy hill SLED
Enterprise initials USS
Entertaining Campbell NEVE
Enthroned figure at Versailles ROI
Eucalyptus lover KOALA
Euridice's love of opera ORFEO
European transit systems METROS
Evolution subject GENE
Exchanged words on the phone TEXTED
Exclamation after going bankrupt IMRUINED
Expanse with fish SEA
Expert's antithesis OAF
Explain further ADD
Express contrition REPENT
Extra qtrs OTS
Extract with effort WRING
Fifty minutes past TENTO
Flavor test SIP
Funnies contributor E.C SEGAR
Generator MAKER
Handling by itself ONAUTO
Hardly big amount TAD
Harshly criticize SNIPEAT
Head locks? HAIR
Headlines channel CNN
Heated emotion IRE
Highly important feature of seven answers (and every clue) in this puzzle FIRSTLETTER
HLN anchor Robin MEADE
Holler of triumph HURRAH
Home of the Palace of Justice in Peru LIMA
Honda Accords' competitors, once (planets from the sun) MERCURYSABLES
In its full form UNCUT
In position to hold water, as one's hands CUPPED
Inedible jams? TUNES
Intense pang THROE
Intermixture BLEND
Irritations in a library NOISES
Clues Answers
Is discontinued ENDS
It was divided in the 1940s KOREA
Ivy in Connecticut YALE
Language in Agra HINDI
Late 1950s Ford flop that's an anagram of 5 Down EDSEL
Late news hour ELEVEN
Lay's doomed company ENRON
Like Napoleon, in a palindrome ABLE
Linoleum ingredient ROSIN
Liqueur originally made in Jamaica TIAMARIA
Locale of dendrites NEURON
Look-alike TWIN
Machinery sound WHIR
Musician's mailing to EMI, once DEMOCD
Neckline shape VEE
Need for mammals AIR
Nickname on 'Sons of Anarchy' OPIE
Non-standing order? SITDOWN
Nosh site for a voracious animal MAW
Not let lapse RENEW
Note extensions, in a music score STEMS
NYU grad, e.g ALUM
One focusing on the present day? SANTA
One way to get up STAIRS
Out of it, say ILL
Outfielder Kapler GABE
Outlook button SEND
Overindulge, maybe CAROUSE
Palo Alto neighbor ___ Park MENLO
Push away REPEL
Put on notice WARNED
QR code recipients USERS
Radish relative CRESS
Raiders' org.? DEA
Rapscallion IMP
Reaction to an epiphany AHA
Really long time EPOCH
Reason for a child to see the school nurse OWIE
Religious father PADRE
Replay reviewers REFS
Reuben bread RYE
Rocker's aide ROADIE
Seth's biblical mom EVE
Solitary insects that feed on cockroaches (commissioned Navy officer ranks) ENSIGNWASPS
Sondra of 'Bronco Billy' LOCKE
St. Patrick's place IRELAND
Stats for linebackers SACKS
Stoked FED
Strongly assertive one (Greek letters) ALPHAFEMALE
Suddenly dive SWOOP
Take clients again REOPEN
Taquara's city RIO
Teasers, e.g ADS
Test, as ore ASSAY
The Storting's city OSLO
The, en français LES
They may be bitter ENEMIES
Thoroughfare AVENUE
Tiger or lion, e.g BEAST
Toon creator Avery TEX
Total eclipse body SUN
Touch lightly TAP
Tournament setting ARENA
Transcendent display POMP
Trojan War epic ILIAD
Trumpeting ABLARE
Turkey ___ king ALA
Two-masted ships BRIGS
Type of oven TANDOOR
Uncapped item, at times PEN
Unit of Time ISSUE
Use a compressing device TAMP
Utilize one's social skills well, say FITIN
Utterly confuse ADDLE
Vacation souvenir TEE
Warrior's event BATTLE
Words beginning a conclusion ANDSO
Workplace for retail SHOP
Yard sale? ALE
Yellowish grain OAT
You'll find an excerpt from this document in this puzzle DECLARATIONOFINDEPENDENCE