Wall Street Journal - Jul 3 2021 - Au Pairs

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Clues Answers
“Beowulf,” e.g EPIC
“Blood hath been shed ___ now”: Macbeth ERE
“Camelot” composer LOEWE
“Giant brain” of the 1940s ENIAC
“It’s the Hard Knock Life” singer ANNIE
“Swan Lake” swan ODILE
“Tarnation!” DANG
“The Bartered Bride” dance POLKA
“The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?” playwright ALBEE
“The Thieving Magpie” composer ROSSINI
Advice for a Hollywood private eye? CHERCHEZLAFEMMEFATALE
Airport conveyance TRAM
Ancient invader GOTH
Antlered animals ROES
Antlered animals DEER
Arrowhead Stadium team CHIEFS
Artist Max ERNST
Azerbaijan’s capital BAKU
Bat material ASH
Beatles title locale USSR
Beer from Japan ASAHI
Best ingredient for a Brandy Alexander? CREMEDELACREMEDECACAO
Best Picture winner of the 1970s, or what five of this puzzle’s answers have THEFRENCHCONNECTION
Biblical mount SINAI
Bit of resistance OHM
Blacken CHAR
Blow off steam VENT
Bug, informally VEEDUB
Bustling spot, metaphorically HIVE
Cadet’s org ROTC
Cash bar? INGOT
City by the Bay, informally SANFRAN
City on Colombia’s Cauca River CALI
Colleague of Stephen, Samuel and Sonia ELENA
Company with an avian mascot AFLAC
Contend VIE
Crater Lake Natl. Pk. setting OREG
Cut short CROP
Dict. bit DEF
Dinner directive EATUP
Disdainful sound SNORT
Disguised, briefly INCOG
Dixieland jazz instrument TUBA
Do something ACT
Drummer’s setup KIT
Eagerly attack, as a gift TEARAT
Exclusive sets ALISTS
Extremity TIP
Ferdinand and Isabella’s kingdom CASTILE
Flesh and blood KIN
Flonase competitor AFRIN
Gadot of “Fast & Furious” GAL
Grp. supporting boxers? ASPCA
Hardly huge TINY
He became emperor at age 17 NERO
Hearty bowlful CHILI
HHS division FDA
Hightail it SPEED
Hollows GLENS
Home of the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Wolfpack RALEIGH
Isle of Skye natives SCOTS
Kindergarten subject ABCS
Lavish event FETE
Legal assistants, for short PARAS
Like covered bridges, usually ONELANE
Like diamonds RED
Clues Answers
Like restaurant offerings that might change without notice? ALACARTEBLANCHE
Like some aspirations NOBLE
Liz Cheney’s mom LYNNE
Luxury car from Cheshire BENTLEY
Make good-natured fun of SPOOF
Malay Archipelago island TIMOR
Many a Libyan SUNNI
Melody for Monteverdi TEMA
Moorhen’s cousin COOT
Moves on from GETSOVER
Narrow fissure CREVICE
Nat. once known as the Trucial States UAE
National Mall sight ELM
Network division NEWS
North Pacific salmon COHO
Not pitchy ONKEY
Org. featured in “The Right Stuff” USAF
Org. founded by Helen Keller and Felix Frankfurter, among others ACLU
Org. whose logo features a two-leaved flower EPA
Oscar winner as Maximus Decimus Meridius CROWE
Parting words IMOFF
Pennsylvania’s northernmost county ERIE
Person struggling in the heat? RACER
Pitcher Stottlemyre MEL
Place for peels SPA
Pollen season sound ACHOO
Poor-to-mediocre mark DPLUS
Pot part ANTE
Prime investment AAABOND
Prince Adam’s alter ego HEMAN
Producer of Coldplay’s “Mylo Xyloto” ENO
Quarterback Kaepernick COLIN
Quite a stretch EON
Reasons for some doctor visits EXAMS
Recipient of many song requests ALEXA
Renaissance, e.g HOTELCHAIN
Rigging holders SPARS
Satisfy PLEASE
Sci-fi characters, for short ETS
Sea eagles ERNES
See 75-Across MIAMI
She that’s shorn EWE
Silent communication: Abbr ASL
Site of Belg. and Bulg EUR
Sluggers’ stats RBIS
Sorority letters XIS
Sought relief from, perhaps SUED
Splits, as a coconut CRACKSOPEN
Starchy tropical plant TARO
Start of a Shakespeare title ALLS
Structure EDIFICE
Symbol of wisdom OWL
Tactless ballroom performance? FAUXPASDEDEUX
Tennis call LET
Texas athlete, informally STRO
They might be special EFFECTS
Trimmer target NAPE
Turn down VETO
Way to go PATH
Wedding registry category CHINA
What unites the Bolshoi’s members? ESPRITDECORPSDEBALLET
With 112-Across, David Caruso TV series CSI
Wonder-struck AWED
Word of approval BRAVO
Words from Pontius Pilate ECCEHOMO
Work some consider to be the first Romantic symphony EROICA