New York Times - Jun 30 2021

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Clues Answers
'A series of ___,' infamous analogy for the internet TUBES
'For shame!' TSK
'Say what?' HUNH
'Survivor' setting, often ISLE
'That's two hours I'll never get back!' HATEDIT
'We wanna join!' USTOO
'Well, lookee here!' OHO
'___ said yes!' SHE
(Spoiler alert!) Sole survivor of the Pequod ISHMAEL
*Anthem whose French lyrics predate its English lyrics OCANADA
*Burger chain named for a father and his sons FIVEGUYS
*Common purchase for a tailgate SIXPACK
*Former fashion retailer so-named for its 57th Street address in Manhattan NINEWEST
*Like many old video game soundtracks EIGHTBIT
*One of two for the 1990s Chicago Bulls THREEPEAT
*Sinbad's milieu SEVENSEAS
11- or 12-year-old TWEENER
All together ENMASSE
Altercation SPAT
Big name in shoes and handbags ALDO
Binge at a buffet, say OVEREAT
Bowl over STUN
Bring up INVOKE
Bud in the Baseball Hall of Fame SELIG
Came back, as hair REGREW
Circle segment ARC
Citi Field team, on scoreboards NYM
Cleveland athlete, for short CAV
Completely confine BOXIN
Credit ___ (banking giant) SUISSE
Culmination of a wedding ceremony KISS
Deprive of strength - not, as is commonly believed, to give strength ENERVATE
Draw back (from) SHYAWAY
E! talk show THESOUP
Filled to the brim SATED
Fluctuated wildly YOYOED
Freshly ANEW
Full of cheer JOYOUS
Getting close, in a guessing game WARM
Clues Answers
Handwriting style SCRIPT
In a moment SOON
Kicked down the road, as an issue PUNTEDON
Like many baby animals CUTE
Minuscule particle ION
Mortgage claim LIEN
Moves furtively SNEAKS
On a larger scale MORESO
One skewered at a roast? PIG
Part of a place setting KNIFE
Parts of psyches EGOS
Performance sites VENUES
Philip Pullman's '___ Dark Materials' HIS
Pioneering computer ENIAC
Places for speakers PODIA
Poker prize POT
Resistance units OHMS
Science fiction writer Ted with four Hugo awards CHIANG
Similar chemical compounds ISOMERS
Singer Stefani GWEN
Singer's time to shine SOLO
Singer's time to shine ARIA
Some first responders, in brief EMTS
Stage digression ASIDE
Stalemate IMPASSE
Star of CBS's 'Madam Secretary' TEALEONI
Steer clear of EVADE
Suggestion made with a wink and a nudge INNUENDO
The 'A' of D.A.: Abbr ATT
Throw out TOSS
Tuner that's turned DIAL
Video hosting service since 2009 VEVO
What might get under your collar? TIE
Woman in a 1982 hit who can be reached using the starts of the answers to the starred clues JENNY
Woodland or wetland HABITAT
Worries anxiously STEWS
___ al-Adha (Muslim holiday) EID
___ pop (genre for Billie Eilish) EMO