The Washington Post Sunday - Jun 27 2021

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Clues Answers
'A Suitable Boy' writer Vikram SETH
'Bill ___ Saves the World' (Netflix show) NYE
'But she was not made for any man, / And she never will be all mine' poet ___ St. Vincent Millay EDNA
'Careless Love Blues' singer Smith BESSIE
'Downton Abbey' footman Barrow THOMAS
'I Was Born This Way' singer Bean CARL
'I wonder what it could be ...' HMM
'In or Out' singer DiFranco ANI
'Let Them Fall in Love' singer Winans CECE
'Nice and ___' EASY
'Rare' singer Stefani GWEN
'So ___ we!' ARE
'That never happened!' ITSALIE
'Up top' gestures HIGHFIVES
'Well, hello! I didn't see you there!' OHHI
'Who gives a damn? Let's just do this!' SCREWIT
'Wonder Woman' actress Gadot GAL
114 Across or 64 Down official REF
Activist ___ Crew Clay, founder of the nonprofit Integrity USA LOUIE
Actress and National Equality Award recipient Hathaway ANNE
Actress Miranda who played Elizabeth Bishop in 'Reaching for the Moon' OTTO
Addicted, as to a show HOOKED
Address for a king SIRE
Aid in plant growth RAIN
Aided in a robbery, say ABETTED
Air line? TRACHEA
Alteration experts TAILORS
Appear SEEM
Apt rhyme of 'sheesh' YEESH
Area below the lips CHIN
Atlantic school member COD
Binary, as a light switch ONOFF
Body parted by Moses REDSEA
Bomb ___ (hazardous job depicted in 'The Hurt Locker') DEFUSER
Broaden the scope of WIDEN
Call before a flip HEADS
Cancel, as an order aboard a ship BELAY
Car rental company founded in 1946 AVIS
Carrier flying to Tokyo ANA
Carson's successor LENO
Classified page item WANTAD
Country where Sara Farizan's book 'If You Could Be Mine' is set IRAN
Court meeting SESSION
Drawing game? UNO
Emmys, Oscars and Tonys host ___ Patrick Harris NEIL
Encircled with a belt GIRDED
Evening, informally NITE
Events set up on the apps Her and Scruff DATES
Expand upon ADDTO
Fabergé ___ EGG
Feeling for a big fan AWE
Firetruck apparatus LADDER
Franklin whose final performance was at Elton John's annual AIDS Foundation gala on Nov. 7, 2017 ARETHA
Furry friends' feet PAWS
Granola bar bits OATS
Grier of 'The L Word' PAM
Has a sore throat, say AILS
Having the skill ABLE
He gave 'Brokeback Mountain' four stars EBERT
Hesitate, with 'at' BALK
Home of the bears DEN
Influential figure TITAN
Is at the vanguard of a movement, say LEADS
It's subject to interpretation DREAM
Japanese word for 'yes' HAI
June 13, in the Roman calendar IDES
Kick out EVICT
Clues Answers
Leopards' relatives OCELOTS
Less contaminated PURER
Like company literature written by the staff INHOUSE
Like many attendees of the Bangalore Queer Film Festival INDIAN
Margaret who officiated weddings during a 2015 comedy tour CHO
Massive mix-up SNAFU
Moves like kangaroos HOPS
Music holder in a tower CDCASE
Mythical ruler of Thebes CREON
Nail polish brand whose first non-female brand ambassador was 'Queer Eye' star Jonathan Van Ness ESSIE
Nation north of Latvia ESTONIA
Neuter, as a stallion GELD
Nonchalant BLASE
North African port city TRIPOLI
Not as rich in calories LITE
Office plant? AGENT
Office plants FERNS
Once named, in wedding notices NEE
One ___ (equality organization based in a Midwest state) IOWA
One-up OUTDO
Onetime Toyota coupe SOLARA
Org. for the athlete Jason Collins, who famously came out publicly in 2013 NBA
Partner of odds ENDS
Pass, as a law ENACT
Period associated with an initialism heard by saying seven of this puzzle's clues out loud PRIDEMONTH
Pharmacology subject DRUG
Pitcher and activist Doolittle SEAN
Powerful part of a deck ACE
Pro in D.C NAT
Protest like soccer star Megan Rapinoe in 2016 TAKEAKNEE
Pulls a prank with Charmin rolls, briefly TPS
Put on, as a wig DON
Quarterback's org NFL
Radio signal receiver ANTENNA
Really long time EON
Rebel rouser? AGITATOR
Related (to) AKIN
Rhyming drink with little to no alcohol content NEARBEER
Rock-solid body parts for a bodybuilder ABS
Rocker Benjamin ORR
Rubs with gritty paper SANDS
Satisfy one's hunger EAT
Scheduled landing hr ETA
Second try REDO
See 127 Across PLAN
See 62 Down CODE
Short-___ memory TERM
Shower with affection DOTEON
Small, cylindrical anatomical structure TUBULE
Snaking fish EEL
Snobby folks SNOOTS
Son of Eve ABEL
Sort of INAWAY
States once more REPEATS
Steamroll FLATTEN
Steered, as a jet PILOTED
Three, in Florence TRE
What Ritalin treats ADHD
Where the dancer and TV host Jin Xing was born CHINA
Winter Games sled LUGE
With 113 Across, gamer's method of becoming invincible, e.g CHEAT
With 58 Across, architect's diagram FLOOR
Word before immunity or mentality HERD
Work on the land? ATLAS
Worked during play time? ACTED
___ Alpha Lambda (Atlanta-based sorority) KAPPA
___ Lama DALAI
___ v. Wade (landmark case) ROE