New York Times - Jun 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'Caution - ___ paint' (sign) WET
'De-e-elish!' YUM
'Give my compliments to the ___' CHEF
'Let's put things in perspective' ... or a title for this puzzle ITSALLRELATIVE
'Rocks,' in a drink ICE
1950s-'60s singer Bobby DARIN
1963 Best Actress Patricia NEAL
Atlanta train system MARTA
Big office supply brand AVERY
Bottom of the barrel DREGS
Brain divisions LOBES
Capable of floating, as a balloon LIGHTERTHANAIR
Captain's place on a ship HELM
Cash register drawer TILL
Chairperson, e.g HEAD
Cousins of paddles OARS
Cracker brand with a yellow-and-blue logo RITZ
Debtors' notes IOUS
Distance between belt holes, maybe INCH
Domesticated TAME
Ending with farm or home STEAD
Feature over many a doorway ARCH
Gawk at OGLE
Gives a thumbs-up OKAYS
Honorific for Gandhi MAHATMA
How long it might take for a mountain to form EON
Imposing and then some LARGERTHANLIFE
Jersey SHIRT
Ken, to Barbie BEAU
Kids around JESTS
Like a poison ivy rash ITCHY
Like Girl Scout 'Mints' THIN
Longtime Yankees manager Joe TORRE
Low-ranking 'Star Trek' officer: Abbr ENS
Made a comeback RALLIED
Make sense ADDUP
Many a get-rich-quick scheme SCAM
Martin Luther King's 'Letter From Birmingham ___' JAIL
Meal cooked in a Crock-Pot STEW
Clues Answers
Mideast bigwig EMIR
Moolah BREAD
Mother of Zeus (and an anagram of 15-Across) RHEA
Move from the gate to the runway, say TAXI
Nabbed TOOK
Neon or xenon GAS
Never betraying LOYALTO
Part to play ROLE
Penny CENT
Pioneering journalist Nellie BLY
Pompeii or Machu Picchu RUIN
Positive responses YESES
Rapper ___-Z JAY
Rich vein of ore LODE
Runner Usain BOLT
Salt Lake City's home UTAH
Saunter AMBLE
Shakespeare villain who says 'Virtue? A fig!' IAGO
Sign at a highway interchange EXIT
Simplicity EASE
Smidgen TAD
Sombrero, e.g HAT
Soul singer Thomas IRMA
Speck of land in the sea ISLET
Stir-fried noodle dish PADTHAI
The Scales LIBRA
Units on a football field: Abbr YDS
Vindaloo accompaniment NAAN
Wail CRY
What you're hired to do JOB
When repeated, water cooler sound GLUG
Where bears hibernate DENS
Wife of Zeus HERA
Woman's name that's also a Spanish pronoun ELLA
Word before 'bite' or 'go' ILL
Word sometimes confused with 'lie' LAY
___ menu (where to find Cut, Copy and Paste) EDIT
___ Susan (dining table centerpiece) LAZY