New York Times - Jun 20 2021

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Clues Answers
!!! OMG
'High-five!' UPTOP
'Hoo boy!' OHBABY
'O mio babbino caro,' e.g ARIA
'There's no one on me!' IMOPEN
'Told you so' SEE
'Your guess is as good as mine' BEATSME
'___ there!' AHOY
'___ Too Proud' (hit musical about the Temptations) AINT
A short one by Ogden Nash reads 'Parsley / is gharsley' POEM
Abounded (with) TEEMED
Actor Aziz ANSARI
Actress de Armas writes 'Mr. Gas' and 'Ms. Rag'? ANAANAGRAMSGRAMS
Add new caulking to RESEAL
Application figs SSNS
Ballet-inspired fitness method BARRE
Big name in synthesizers MOOG
Birds' bills NEBS
Body of water that's home to the world's largest marine reserve ROSSSEA
Boston airport LOGAN
Break REST
Business card abbr EXT
Cardamom-spiced brew CHAI
Categorize ASSORT
Cherokee and Navajo NATIONS
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
Closest of pals, for short BFFS
Connecticut-based insurance giant AETNA
Convenient transport through urban traffic MOPED
Daughter of Ned Stark on 'Game of Thrones' ARYA
Dead giveaway? ESTATE
Doctor acquires antibiotics? PROPROCURESCURES
Document with two accents RESUME
Dream interrupter, maybe ALARM
DuPont patent of 1938 NYLON
Early Ron Howard role OPIE
Even ___ ODDS
Fairy tale villain OGRE
False MOCK
Fellow imposes a strict palm fruit regimen? MANMANDATESDATES
Fight setting ARENA
Financial planning option, for short IRA
Georgia-based insurance giant AFLAC
Go bad ROT
Good spice to add to guacamole (try it!) CUMIN
Heretics flout them DOGMAS
High-hat attitude ELITISM
Hillary Clinton vis-à-vis Wellesley College ALUMNA
Hip-hop duo ___ Sremmurd RAE
Home for The Devil TAROT
Honolulu's ___ Stadium ALOHA
How kids might describe dad jokes LAME
Important stretches ERAS
In a manner of speaking SAY
Indian wedding adornment HENNA
Ingredient in a Negroni CAMPARI
Jellied garnish ASPIC
José Martí, by birth HAVANAN
Keenness of judgment ACUMEN
Key part: Abbr ANS
Kind ILK
Kind of question YESNO
Kinks song that Weird Al Yankovic parodied as 'Yoda' LOLA
Lets hit it! NET
Like fuschia and turquiose MISSPELLED
Like the verse 'Roses are red, violets are blue ...,' in brief ANON
Little eggs ROE
Clues Answers
Low bows SALAAMS
Macabre illustrator Edward GOREY
Move to a new table, maybe RESEAT
New York has 28 of them ELECTORS
Off-road ride, for short ATV
Old wheels USEDCAR
One kind of plastic AMEX
One of the Obamas MALIA
One seeing things with a critical eye? CYCLOPS
Ones making you duck down? EIDERS
Org. whose plans are up in the air? FAA
Payment often made around January 1 DUES
Pierce-Arrow competitor REO
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Police unit, informally VICE
Popular dog 105-Down ALPO
Popular Hyundai ELANTRA
Practiced ADEPT
Prisoner accidentally causes a power outage? CONCONFUSESFUSES
Pulitzer winner ___ St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Purity test ASSAY
Put away some groceries? ATE
Raw deal from a restaurant? CEVICHE
Reaction to a stomach punch OOF
Roosevelt credited with saying 'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent' ELEANOR
Saint on the big screen EVAMARIE
See 104-Down FOOD
Shake an Etch A Sketch, e.g ERASE
Skip it STONE
Small songbirds LARKS
Smartphone advises on poker bets? APPAPPRAISESRAISES
Smelt things? ORES
Snacks from some trucks TACOS
Social media pic designed to attract sexual attention THIRSTTRAP
Some strong solutions LYES
Something that can be tried or cracked CASE
Sought feedback from RANBY
Southern university beefs up campus security? ELONELONGATESGATES
Spanish hand MANO
Spanish love AMOR
Sporty trucks, in brief UTES
St. Kitts, St. Lucia and St. Vincent ISLES
Target of a pop-up blocker ADSITE
Telecom with a pink logo TMOBILE
The Cougars of the N.C.A.A BYU
They may be checked at the door IDS
They might dog a dog FLEAS
Tour grp PGA
U.F.C. fighting style MMA
Unlike bread on Passover LEAVENED
Unnamed somebody SOANDSO
Visits overnight STAYSAT
Water clover and adder's-tongue FERNS
Web designer's code HTML
What '...' may represent ESS
What '...' may represent ETC
What an integral can be used to calculate AREA
Willy, in 'Free Willy' ORCA
Wizard of ___ (nickname for a good massage therapist) AHS
Word that appears with confetti when texted on an iPhone CONGRATS
Work from Roxane Gay or Jia Tolentino ESSAY
Work in the kitchen? KNEAD
World's best-selling musical artists of 2020 BTS
Year, in Brazil ANO
Yoga pose with an arched back COBRA
___ cannon (sci-fi weapon) ION
___ March SELMA
___ Park, Colo ESTES
___ school MED