The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,697 - Jun 9 2021

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Clues Answers
After brown bread, nothing is a lost cause DEADDUCK
BBC look at different individual offering a shine BOOTBLACK
Contents of hints aimed early enough INTIME
Crazy rough plan has leader of rebels taken out DAFT
Doing nothing about father is a crime INFRACTION
House doctor's taken advantage of USED
Leggings good for women in restaurant staff? GAITERS
Leisure pursuit for the most part involving no associate HOBNOB
Main line in disarray? It's flowing SEAMLESS
Monster keeps clear, seeing this girl BRUNETTE
New lad is keeping nothing in except something for the windsurfer SAILBOARD
Offer support with constable oddly off PROPOSAL
Offers made by pub workers without impediment TENDERS
One female in two score, getting brace FORTIFY
One on the fiddle from prison is tense CELLIST
Clues Answers
Part of USA that's excited but slow to support Democrat DUSTBOWL
Pass trainer's first young player COLT
Person who succeeds in broadcasting tune HEIR
Person, say, with area retail outlet in Spain BODEGA
Reprimand bishop interrupting leading attack UPBRAID
Sells one stocked by roofer given a lift RETAILS
Set off from assignation outside school DETONATE
Shame men toyed with hidden souvenir MEMENTO
Soldiers legally bound to be trustworthy RELIABLE
Sort of light fitting that's seen on end of rifle? BAYONET
Storm club involved with Tudors CLOUDBURST
Take out of service cocktail of iced tea attracting tax DEACTIVATE
This should keep viewers in touch EYECONTACT
Top Gear could be rather passé OLDHAT
Withdraws, having sent up first course, including last of these RETREATS