The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,696 - Jun 8 2021

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Clues Answers
A place for drinking milk? Hotel by river TAPHOUSE
A priest ate spreads here? TEAPARTIES
Argument after Conservative's boast CROW
Blue livery with top half removed -- that's cheating ADULTERY
Career going downhill? This might save you ESCAPEROAD
Celebrity on target LEGEND
Certainly concealing new desires YENS
Cold air teacher's struggling to describe CHARACTERISE
Crocodile yesterday returned holding body part EYELID
Drink for each meal SUPPER
Drunk adapted bowl, wanting whiskey vessel PADDLEBOAT
Editor upset by telecom company's bill DEBT
Female gobbled up cheese FETA
Floor initially scraped with large cask STUN
Clues Answers
Fresh food shop enthralling husband somewhere in India NEWDELHI
Graduate male -- coarse, ill-mannered person -- cut grass BAMBOO
I did obscene dancing with European, displaying bad behaviour DISOBEDIENCE
Large snake -- not something one wants to find in one's tights LADDER
Leap forward to hug her -- bark's out of place BREAKTHROUGH
One's paid to kill two animals at home ASSASSIN
Rambling's harrowing the second Romeo leaves TORTUOUS
Smile as you're swallowing a piece of cake EASY
Steel badly forged -- after this it shouldn't be purchased SELLBYDATE
Study in university, talented beyond question UNDENIABLE
The French head of air force permits flyers LEAFLETS
This could be part of a plant, or potted BILLIARDBALL
Threaten chaps with magic MENACE
Worker tolerates elevated positions? HANDSTANDS