- May 29 2021

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Clues Answers
''Bien-__'' (darling) AIME
''Carmen'' hero, e.g TENOR
''Faster'' antonym EATER
''Idea worth spreading'' heard on NPR TEDTALK
''See, señor!'' MIRA
''The Heart of Georgia'' MACON
''What's the worst that could happen?'' DOIDARE
Always-open businesses ETAIL
Assists or blocks STAT
Barely noticeable EENSY
Brand with a paw print logo IAMS
Clamped down on BITTEN
Commercial line SAVENOW
Complaint from Hamlet FIE
Cooler, or hotter TRENDIER
Digits since '35 SSN
Expression for your mood EMOTICON
Expressions of intuition FEELS
Eye protection LID
Eyesore BLOT
FDIC creator FDR
Field full of seeds in the spring BRACKETOLOGY
First playwright to get a Mark Twain Prize SIMON
Former big name in seat-pocket marketing SKYMALL
Frothy refreshment NOG
Furrowed KNIT
Fusion-reaction energy source SOL
His companies were bought by GM and Dell PEROT
Honeymooner in 1969 news ONO
House holders STATEREPS
In reserve ASIDE
Indulge, with ''to'' CATER
Isn't at ease FRETS
Justice for 27+ yrs RBG
Clues Answers
Kerry Washington, in ''Confirmation'' ANITAHILL
Keys, for instance ISLES
Last ruling queen before Victoria ANNE
Legislate or recreate ENACT
Like a hawk AVIAN
Matthau's ''Odd Couple'' costar on Broadway CARNEY
Oath preceder, often IRE
One may get in a stew ONION
Open-and-shut-case grp TSA
Paired with AND
Party offshoot WING
Piece of one's mind ESSAY
Renegade and Renaissance, for the Obamas CODENAMES
Samuel L. Jackson's middle name LEROY
Service call LETME
Sinbad, for one ARAB
Something sipped with cinnamon CHAI
Source of stats DATAMINE
Spa specialty SKINCARE
Space for conventioneers BREAKROOM
Speech shortening ELISION
Squat NADA
Sticks together to keep youngsters safe NEST
Tears up RENDS
The __ did it (solution to ''Murder at the Winery'') BOTTLER
They make up everything about you ATOMS
They're tinny and tasty PANLOAVES
Tops in richness, per some recipes EGGIEST
Traffic controller RATELIMIT
Twitter relative CAW
Ultimate inspiration GERM
Weekly event for some clubs OPENMIC
What villains often display EVILGRINS
What's wrong ILLS