USA Today - Jun 24 2021

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Clues Answers
'Careful out there!' BESAFE
'Hey, over here!' PSST
'It's ___ Be Me' (*NSYNC song) GONNA
'Once ___ a time . . .' UPON
'Sorry to say . . .' ALAS
'Well, aren't you the comedian!' VERYFUNNY
'___ it go' LET
Aaliyah album '___ in a Million' ONE
Adds to the family ADOPTS
Appears to be SEEMS
Argentina sports newspaper OLE
Black Lives Matter co-founder Tometi OPAL
Call followed by 'Polo!' MARCO
Class clown's bit ANTIC
Comic-Con, for example FANFEST
Computer screen item that might be an arrow or a hand CURSOR
Country singer Lindsay ELL
Ctrl Z action UNDO
Cured deli meat SALAMI
Digital b-day greetings ECARDS
Fencing blade EPEE
Fraction of a pound OUNCE
Given a layer of something COATED
Gob of gum WAD
Group founded to combat AIDS ACTUP
Grow older AGE
Heart, for example ORGAN
Jointly provide money for COFUND
Kesha hit 'TiK ___' TOK
Language of Pakistan URDU
Latino Walk of Fame neighborhood EASTLA
Leaf valued by the Incas COCA
MacArthur Fellowship prize GRANT
Maker of pods that aren't edible TIDE
Members of some religious orders FRIARS
Model/actress Mendes EVA
Move stealthily SNEAK
No more than UPTO
Clues Answers
Not many FEW
One who goes it alone on albums SOLOMUSICIAN
Opposite of transparent OPAQUE
Pantry pest ANT
Persian Gulf country OMAN
Person in the spotlight STAR
Pond growth ALGAE
Postal stuff MAIL
Practice-fight SPAR
Prevailed in the end WONOUT
Product for getting out muddy paw stains CARPETCLEANER
Proverbially slippery swimmer EEL
Purple bubble tea flavor TARO
Pushpins, e.g TACKS
Readily apparent OVERT
River in Egypt NILE
Self-appointed expert, perhaps SNOB
Showed up CAME
Shows rock against paper, for example LOSES
Skewered dish SATAY
Slowly trickle SEEP
Soccer scores GOALS
Solid, liquid, ___ GAS
Somewhat ATAD
Store safely for later SQUIRRELAWAY
Tennis feat achieved twice by Aniek van Koot GRANDSLAM
Transfer to a new notebook RECOPY
Tried to sell PEDDLED
Try for office RUN
Unappetizing food SLOP
Vegas show REVUE
Vietnamese New Year TET
Warning color RED
Water tube PIPE
Whitewater vessel RAFT
Window part PANE
___ green KELLY
___ up (absorb) SOP