USA Today - Jun 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'1, 2 ___' (Ciara hit) STEP
'Bridgerton' duke played by Rege-Jean Page SIMON
'Chewing ___' (Michaela Coel sitcom) GUM
'My bad!' SORRY
'Pow!' BAM
'The time ___ come' HAS
'To repeat myself . . .' ASIVESAID
'___ Rates Dogs: The Podcast' SHE
11- or 12-year-old TWEEN
All turned around LOST
Allege CLAIM
Annual athletics awards ESPYS
Architect Maya LIN
Basketball surface COURT
Basketball venue ARENA
Believer in ahimsa JAIN
Berets and snapbacks HATS
Bhutan's continent ASIA
Big primates APES
Box for milk bottles CRATE
Break up with suddenly JILT
Car trip purchase GAS
Car type named for a chair SEDAN
Clucking creature HEN
Desert havens OASES
Djembes and dholkis DRUMS
Drink with mint and bourbon JULEP
Dryer debris LINT
Eagerly consume EATUP
Early internet brand AOL
Encourage URGE
Evaluate ASSESS
Exclamation while driving past a herd of cows MOO
Eyeliner look WINGS
Feeling oneself CONFIDENT
Flared skirt style ALINE
Flower in Georgia O'Keeffe art IRIS
Germany luxury car AUDI
Clues Answers
Green New Deal sponsor's initials AOC
Groups SETS
Haul LUG
Imitate MIMIC
Intrinsic INNATE
Janet Jackson movie POETICJUSTICE
Lead-in INTRO
Magazine articles, for example PRINTJOURNALISM
Many kilt wearers SCOTS
Miso taste UMAMI
Musician/actor Jorge SEU
National Mall trees ELMS
Native people for whom a Great Lake is named ERIE
Night ___ (World of Warcraft creature) ELF
Occupies a bench, e.g SITS
On the ___ (frequently) REG
Ore finder MINER
Outs' counterparts INS
Place for a helmet strap CHIN
Places for stalactites CAVES
Places where drinks can be charged to the room HOTELBARS
Point on a fork TINE
Poker stake ANTE
Punctuation mark in 'I, Tonya' COMMA
Rejections NOS
Reverent poems ODES
Search someone's old tweets, perhaps DIGUPDIRT
Seize wrongfully USURP
Something laid by a 27-Across EGG
Spanish for 'friend' AMIGA
Steamer alternative IRON
Swapping salt and sugar labels, e.g PRACTICALJOKE
Trail PATH
Watering tool HOSE
Word after 'flat' or 'spare' TIRE
Word repeated in a Hawaiian fish name MAHI
Workers' organization UNION
Yankees' crosstown rivals METS
___ paneer PALAK