Universal - May 15 2021

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Clues Answers
"2001: A Space Odyssey" computer HAL
"Blondie" boy ELMO
"Say it ___ so!" AINT
'90s workout system TAEBO
Acid LSD
Airport transport TRAM
Alone SOLO
Amazes AWES
Anatomical pouch SAC
Appearance MIEN
Applaud CLAP
Apple product with a Touch model IPOD
As yet unscheduled: Abbr TBA
Baby's boo-boo OWIE
Beethoven's German birthplace BONN
Bit of parsley SPRIG
Bottom lines? HEMS
Breaks down in tears SOBS
Classic cartoon bear YOGI
Column crossers ROWS
Concern for parents of young kids CHILDCARE
Crowd size? THREE
Desert flora CACTI
Dessert "topped" with fruit, and a theme hint UPSIDEDOWNCAKE
Devices for smoothing sheets IRONS
Eggy breakfasts containing ham and peppers (... 11 to 7) WESTERNOMELETS
Everybody's opposite NOONE
Fancy-schmancy POSH
Feeling bloated GASSY
Figurehead's place on a ship PROW
Fluid ounce or foot UNIT
Fortified tower in a castle KEEP
Globes ORBS
Greet someone SAYHI
Hamster's home CAGE
He-Man's twin sister SHERA
Heavy book TOME
Clues Answers
In days gone by OFOLD
Intense craving THIRST
Itty-bitty bit IOTA
Keys in the ocean ISLES
Kind of sauce in a stir-fry SOY
Lack of conflict PEACE
Leaning Tower of Pisa feature TILT
Like the White Rabbit LATE
Mini-___ (convenience stores) MARTS
Moderate paces TROTS
Monarch, perhaps AUTOCRAT
Name ending in four consonants ERNST
Not quite right AMISS
Oil source SHALE
Org. concerned with boxers' safety? SPCA
Outdoor event contingency RAINDATE
Pig's home STY
Pigs' homes PENS
Prosper DOWELL
Puerto ___ RICO
Quintet within "facetious" AEIOU
Really funny person CARD
Shout YELL
Slippery fish EEL
Square footage AREA
Suffering severe remorse (see letters 8 to 5 in this answer) GUILTRIDDEN
Superhero with a hammer THOR
Ten Commandments pronoun THOU
Tenths of dimes CENTS
They ebb and flow TIDES
Track sport, to Brits (... 8 to 3) MOTORRACING
Unfamiliar with NEWTO
Unintentionally discover HITON
What workouts "burn" FAT
Where to see stock footage? CNBC
Worker in a pit COALMINER