Wall Street Journal - May 15 2021 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

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Clues Answers
“Alea iacta ___” (“The die is cast”) EST
“All Things Considered” network NPR
“Gangnam Style” singer PSY
“Insecure” star ISSARAE
“More or less” ISH
“Poppycock!” PISH
“Shark Tank” shower ABC
“The Walking Dead” network AMC
“___ bleu!” SACRE
1988 Tracy Chapman hit FASTCAR
2.5 miles, at Daytona ONELAP
2019 Tony winner for Best Revival of a Musical OKLAHOMA
Aid for making a good impression? STAMPPAD
Alcatraz, familiarly THEROCK
Amateurs’ stories based on existing characters, briefly FANFIC
Angsty genre EMO
Astron. clock setting GST
Bit of Morse code DAH
Boat mover OAR
Boozehound SOT
Boxer’s fare ALPO
Boxer’s stats TKOS
Braying beast ASS
Breaking points? ACNE
Brit’s secondary school exam ALEVEL
Bullying sort MEANIE
California’s Big ___ SUR
Can’t stand HATES
Capital on the Gulf of Guinea ACCRA
Challenge for Hannibal ALPS
Cleo’s killer ASP
Co. featured in “You’ve Got Mail” AOL
Colorado getaway ASPEN
Comfy shoe, for short MOC
Common pledge drive giveaway TOTE
Company with a spokesduck AFLAC
Country’s Reba MCENTIRE
Crown sparkler GEM
Día de Muertos, por ejemplo FIESTA
David, to Goliath FOE
Did in, as a dragon SLEW
Dividing wall SEPTUM
Driver’s support TEE
Dubai’s home, for short UAE
Earth Day mo APR
Educ. support group PTA
Emulates the Red Baron? CHASESACES
Equine, slangily HOSS
Eye liners? BROWS
Facebook event of 2012 IPO
Fashionable sumo wrestler’s pride and joy? TOPNOTCHTOPKNOT
Fashionably quaint RETRO
Fine print, perhaps? PHOTO
First in flight? AMELIA
Fort DuPont State Pk. location DEL
Forty winks CATNAP
French underground METRO
Fruity frozen fare ICES
Fully appease SATE
Genuine REAL
Geocacher’s tool, briefly GPS
Go nuts for ADORE
Grayish-white ASHY
Hampshire home STY
Hankerings YENS
Hanukkah gelt, essentially? MUNCHYMONEY
Hardly swampy ARID
Clues Answers
Holiday cheer? HOHOHO
Humblebragging reply ITRY
Humphrey’s love LAUREN
In front AHEAD
In-service computer? CHAPELAPPLE
Insecticide you use with ewes SHEEPDIP
It’s brought to order MENU
Japan’s Naruhito, e.g EMPEROR
Jenga, e.g PARTYGAME
Justice Dept. agency ATF
Kind of kick SCISSOR
Land south of South Sudan UGANDA
Leased anew RELET
Less than SHYOF
Like dad jokes CORNY
Long-distance swimmer? EEL
Luster SHEEN
Malcolm X’s birthplace OMAHA
Nearby items THESE
Not out of contention INIT
Opposed to ANTI
Outlined sharply ETCHED
Pie crime and misdemeanor? FILCHINGFILLING
Pouch presence ROO
Prepares some bait SETSATRAP
R&B singer ___ Marie TEENA
Radar gun abbr MPH
Ransom of autos OLDS
Refined URBANE
Regal dwelling MANOR
Results of gorging on chèvre? GOATCHEESEGOATEES
Rice product NOVEL
Richards and Romney ANNS
Sasha, to Malia SISTER
School start, perhaps? ROE
Sentence segment PHRASE
Setting for some model rocketry? LAUNCHLAWN
Shares the load HELPS
Sign up ENROLL
Small guy who’s blue in the face SMURF
Small tavern, quaintly POTHOUSE
Solicit ASKFOR
Sound of suffering MOAN
Spammy web page ADSITE
Star of Quentin’s “Kill Bill” UMA
Started the bidding OPENED
Sticky sealer TAPE
Stone of “The Favourite” EMMA
Subjects of some grainy pictures UFOS
Sugarloaf Mountain setting RIO
Takes care of the matter SEESTOIT
That’s a wrap SCARF
They’re made to measure POLLS
Threatening conclusion ORELSE
Toluca tyke NINO
Topic for a sexologist FETISH
Two-point play SAFETY
Used a 48-Across ROWED
Veracity, to the Bard SOOTH
Viral loads? MEMES
Visit dreamland SLEEP
Warm the bench SIT
Wedding reception sight CAKE
Whichever ANY
Williams who played Arya Stark MAISIE
___ Nas X LIL