USA Today - Jun 13 2021

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Clues Answers
'Be brave!' STAYSTRONG
'Das Kapital' topic CLASSSTRUGGLE
'Gimme a few ___' SECS
'Good grief!' SHEESH
'Notes on 'Camp'' author Susan SONTAG
'Queen of Katwe' director Nair MIRA
'That said . . .' YET
'That was close!' PHEW
'You get what you pay ___' FOR
'You've got mail' co AOL
1941 Orson Welles film CITIZENKANE
2015 or 2027 YEAROFTHEGOAT
Angelica Cheung, for one EDITOR
Anglo-___ SAXON
Arabic for 'God' ALLAH
Aren't imaginary EXIST
Baby bird with big eyes OWLET
Barrier in racket sports NET
Bassist's booster AMP
Beverage in a chawan TEA
Beverage that may be blonde or brown ALE
Bold poker declaration IRAISE
Boyfriends BEAUS
Bread sometimes baked in a tandoor ROTI
Brother of Cain ABEL
Bulls, in Spanish TOROS
Candy from a dispenser PEZ
Car called from the sidewalk TAXI
Chip away at ERODE
Clown's walking stick STILT
Counterpart of urban RURAL
Course anyone can pass EASYA
Dance part STEP
Direction opposite NNW SSE
Event for getting in touch with the dead SEANCE
Expected to arrive DUE
Face-planted, say ATEIT
Fish sticks with ___ sauce TARTAR
Igbo staple crop YAMS
Clues Answers
Important time ERA
Lake ___ (third-largest freshwater lake entirely in China) TAI
Material for a demolition crew TNT
Most secure SAFEST
Number of players needed for Go TWO
Nutty-flavored Japanese noodles SOBA
Pack away STOW
Parent company of Ghirardelli LINDT
Party with lomi-lomi salmon and poke LUAU
Pic on a bicep TAT
Polka ___ DOT
Prez sworn in on Air Force One LBJ
Prominent spot in a theater CENTERSTAGE
Pump surcharge GASTAX
Requested earnestly PLED
Roasting rod SPIT
Rower's stick OAR
Running behind LATE
Salary ceiling CAP
Scathing rebuke EARFUL
Send out EMIT
Sign after Virgo LIBRA
Slug-eating amphibian TOAD
Spread seeds SOW
Stopped sleeping WOKE
Suffix in many language names ESE
Swelled heads EGOS
Take a tumble TRIP
Tangy toast topping APRICOTJAM
Three ___ Men (biblical trio) WISE
Throat affliction STREP
Tourney exemptions BYES
Tries to track down HUNTS
Troubles WOES
Utterly detest LOATHE
Water barrier Anna destroyed in 'Frozen II' DAM
White part of an orange PITH
Wide tie ASCOT
___-up energy PENT