USA Today - Jun 12 2021

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Clues Answers
'Aquaman' director James WAN
'Can't argue with that' TRUE
'Don't worry about doing that' NONEED
'If you want ___ right, home days woman . . .' (Aretha Franklin lyric) ADO
'No idea,' for short IDK
'Rip the Band-Aid off!' DOIT
'Uh-uh' NAH
'What's ___ clicking?' NOT
'___ welcome' YOURE
500-sheet unit REAM
Abandon a commitment BAIL
Animal with a four-compartment stomach COW
Appeal to a higher power PRAY
Atlanta Dream co-owner Montgomery RENEE
Ballet garment TUTU
Black beans are high in it PROTEIN
Boating tool OAR
Botch FLUB
Bowl berry ACAI
Celebration with a grand marshal PARADE
Combine MELD
Common batteries AAS
Desire for what someone else has ENVY
Earth-related prefix GEO
Encampment structures TENTS
Fanfiction site known as AO3 for short ARCHIVEOFOUROWN
Grain-grinding facility MILL
Hawaiian snack SPAMMUSUBI
Hollywood mogul Rae ISSA
Home to Queens, for short NYC
Humanoid creature in fantasy ORC
Jr., to Sr., perhaps SON
Like 'geese' but not 'goose' PLURAL
Loofah, for example SPONGE
Metallic sign of disuse RUST
Mexican flag bird EAGLE
Modify EDIT
Mosquito stoppers NETS
Nintendo princess ZELDA
Clues Answers
Not current OLD
Oklahoma city TULSA
Painter Frida KAHLO
Phrase with a shrug OHWELL
Place for balm LIP
Propelled into the air SENTFLYING
Really good deal STEAL
Rec league officials REFS
Record label for Otis Redding STAX
Region ZONE
Relaxing area in a hotel SPA
Russian for 'no' NYET
Second part of a play ACTTWO
See 56-Across TEST
Self-effacing MODEST
Service that might be twice a week TRASHCOLLECTION
Starter dishes, for short APPS
Super-speed mode TURBO
Superhero partner of Dagger CLOAK
Talk back to SASS
Tattoo parlor supplies INKS
Tidal movements EBBS
Train station purchase TICKET
Troost, in Kansas City, e.g. (Abbr.) AVE
Try again on REDO
Turned down the offer SAIDNO
Vietnamese soup PHO
Warsaw's country POLAND
Was financially beholden to OWED
What two halves make ONE
With 57-Across, exam that might ask about mitosis BIO
Word before 'deep' or 'jerk' KNEE
___ or later SOONER
___ Tacs TIC