Wall Street Journal - May 11 2021 - PDQ

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Clues Answers
“Curiously strong” mint ALTOID
“Gee, ya think?!” DUH
“It’s all good,” to an Aussie NOWORRIESMATE
“Parsley is gharsley” poet NASH
“Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” author Judy BLUME
“That’s enough!” STOP
“The Marvelous ___ Maisel” MRS
“The Mod Squad” do AFRO
“u r 2 funny” LOL
63-Across, in Spain SRA
A/C measure BTU
Agnew who resigned in 1973 SPIRO
Annual NYC fundraising event METGALA
Arcing tennis shot LOB
Ballet class bends PLIES
Barcelona bull TORO
Beat in a sculling race OUTROW
Billing unit, sometimes HOUR
Blinds part SLAT
Buds 4 life BFFS
Caps lock neighbor TAB
Chew toy for a puppy SHOE
Choir member ALTO
Clear, financially NET
Clumsy sorts OAFS
Clumsy sorts APES
Column type IONIC
Containing some adult material, per the MPAA RRATED
Corporation in a 2001-02 scandal ENRON
Darjeeling servers TEAPOTS
Dozen for Hercules LABORS
Duct tape has many USES
Fabled author? AESOP
Guzzling sound GLUG
Headed out LEFT
Home flipper’s goal RESALE
Hover ominously LOOM
Clues Answers
How many soccer games end INATIE
In the distance AFAR
Just to be safe ASAPRECAUTION
Kagan of the high court ELENA
Lady Gaga’s “___ It Happens to You” TIL
Legal drama events TRIALS
Lie around all day LAZE
Like early Beatles records MONO
Man’s nickname that’s an alphabetic run STU
Massage therapist’s supply OIL
Mostly obsolete business machine FAX
Multicolored PIED
Nab in a sting ENTRAP
Nabisco wafer brand NILLA
Native Alaskan ALEUT
Next in line? HEIR
Nonstick cookware TEFLONPANS
Not pro ANTI
Piggy bank feature SLOT
Pioneer in email AOL
Pioneering DVRs TIVOS
Pursued SOUGHT
Quick out of the blocks, and a hint to the circled letters OFFTOAFASTSTART
Recipe meas TSP
Rock Starr RINGO
Site of the World Health Organization’s headquarters GENEVA
Splitsville parties EXES
Stupefy DAZE
Tigers pitcher Matthew BOYD
Tim who won an Emmy for “Project Runway” GUNN
Tycoon NABOB
Tycoon BARON
Welcoming torchbearer STATUEOFLIBERTY
What a double shot of espresso provides JOLT
Window pieces PANES
Wine-producing province of France BEAUJOLAIS